Thanksgiving 2017

Late again.  It’s becoming a trend with me.  I don’t want to gloss over Thanksgiving because I’m starting to love that holiday!  I know as a kid it wasn’t my favorite, because similar to my crew, I never liked the food and it didn’t involve presents.  Now I love the food, the wine, and the fact that it is has nothing to do with presents.  Mostly though, I love that other than cooking, it’s not stressful, it’s just a time to be with family and enjoy the time away from school and sports.

We started out celebrating at my parents place – sometimes we call it the Michie Farm.  It’s really not a farm at all.  It’s just a bunch of land with a pond and a hunting dog that tears everything up and drives my mom absolutely nuts!  Sort of similar to the four kids that tear up our stuff.  I’m trying to adopt the attitude that all the little dings and messes are a sign of family memories and life that has gone on in our home for 15 years.  So basically our stuff is just well-loved!?  This is a very difficult concept for someone like me!  I’m still using a magic eraser on things and a sharpie to cover up scratches.

Back to Thanksgiving at the Michie farm…the kids shot clay pigeons (this is a definite perk of living on a bunch of land) and wanted to fish but there’s just not enough time!  Morgan even brought her camo gear to wear for this part of the evening.  You have to look the part I guess!  Jake is still getting used to the idea of shooting.  It’s a powerful jolt and pretty scary if you ask me.  I’m not exactly condoning this activity but my dad sure is (that’s him throwing the targets) in the video clips…

He’s a proud Papa!

And here’s Morgan and Collin dueling on the last one…

Morgan is a bit of a ‘show-off’  😉  Just kidding!20171122_162953_HDR.jpg

The next day, we went to Manhattan for the day and had a wonderful meal with the Conley family.

Eli (13).Morgan (14).Audrey(13).Jake(12).Zach(9).Drew(9).Reece(7)

I know I say this way too often, but everyone is getting so big!  Eli, despite being a preemie at birth, has outgrown almost every family member and he for sure has the biggest feet!  Hand-me-downs will definitely not be coming for my crew!  I hope they grow taller, but the odds are against them.  Sorry guys!

We were lucky to have beautiful weather for flag football…IMG_9810

IMG_9802 (2).JPG
Morgan seems pretty happy about her performance here 🙂


IMG_9806IMG_9805.JPGIMG_9804Brian and his brother, John, were quarterbacksIMG_9812Reece forgot to bring appropriate shoes, so she had to borrow a pair of Zach’s…as you can see, they were a little large!  But it didn’t stop her from really giving uncle John a challenge!  Way to go Reecie!IMG_9808And I’m still laughing about this one…John was actually using his belly to lay out the plays for his team!  I don’t think that happens in real games, does it?  His tactic might have worked…I think they won!IMG_9807.JPGI know who didn’t win…the Lenexa Conley’s!  Jake took major spill with Eli and Brian spent 2 hours in urgent care the next day with inflammation around his ribs.IMG_9803.JPGNothing a little time on the golf course and a giant slab of ribs can’t cure…20171124_142841IMG_9816Who can even think about eating that the day after we’ve had two Thanksgiving meals!?! A pre-teen boy can I guess!

In closing, I would like to share a little bit of Thanksgiving art from Reece and Drew.  Drew as so proud of his coloring and particularly the cowboy hat he drew!  We sat down at the kitchen table to go through his school work and he described this paper to me at length.  so cute!

Drew’s 4th grade turkey
I am SO THANKFUL for you too, Drew Boo!

And the entire 2nd grade made these giant turkey hats…

IMG_9822.JPGI know this because I cut construction paper for 2 hours at the school in preparation for that activity.  I’m thinking of strategically planning my volunteering not so close to a holiday next time!

Reece’s 2nd grade class (she’s in the front row in the plaid dress)

She also created this wonderful story of disguising a turkey as a peacock (of course!)IMG_9832.JPG

She narrated her story so well!  You have to hear it…it’s on this YouTube clip…push play!

And here’s is what would be on her Thanksgiving menu and how she would cook the turkey!  Sounds like she’s on point for cooking next year!IMG_9835.JPGHere’s her narration–too cute!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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