KC Bulldogs-DSG Young Sluggers Series

This one stings a little bit.  We missed out on a gold championship ring by one run.  However, we will happily settle for a silver ring because we played a lot of awesome baseball this weekend!  We are so proud of these boys and the coaches!  Coach Borgman got so excited in the semi-finals that he hit the top of his head on the dugout and sent every parent in sight running for first aid kits.  All I kept hearing was…”there’s a lot of blood.”  Thankfully no stitches were necessary.  Those Borgman’s really like to keep us on our toes.  We love their passion for baseball!IMG_2832.jpgThe tournament was sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods so all the spectators and players could enter drawings and pick up free loot.  We now have a bag full of give-aways and swag.  Jake likes that word “swag”  😉IMG_2810.jpgWe found out by a random last minute check of the brackets that our team had been reclassified to AA and our opponents had changed just prior to the start of the tourney so we were a little thrown off.  But the Bulldogs battled their way through the weekend to end up in the championship game facing the Olathe Royals.  This is a team we just can’t seem to beat and has several boys we play basketball with – a rivalry of sorts.  I was expecting a rough one since they had rolled all of their opponents thus far.IMG_2826.jpgIt was a close one from start to finish.  In the end, it took me a minute to process what actually happened.  Jake was pitching and we needed one more out to win.  This basically means my head was in my lap and I was saying every prayer under the sun for Jake to pull this one out.  He threw the pitch and the guy bombs it to center field.  Our center fielder had a tough one to catch and he had it in his glove before it dropped out.  A runner came in, 9-8 loss.  What a game.

As coach Conley would say – “that was Bulldog baseball today”IMG_2834.jpgWe have some great momentum going into the state tournament this week!

LET’S DO THIS BOYS!!IMG_2830.jpgTo you, Jake, I could not be more proud of you!  Dad gets to tell you often as he spends so much time with you during baseball season.  It’s my turn!  Thank you for grinding that one out in a very high pressure situation for your team.  Your pitching and hitting were awesome and I love watching you play.  It’s nerve-wracking but fun!  I love you to pieces!

Go Bulldogs!

Father’s Day Classic Champions

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (5).JPGThis is absolutely the best way to celebrate Father’s Day when you’re a huge baseball fan and the head coach.  A tournament victory for the KC Bulldogs!6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (9)Way to go boys!!  We had a few inside the park home runs, a bunch of awesome hits, good base running, a lot of runs scored, and all around fun baseball!  These boys were crushing it!

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (8).jpg
These cuties earned these trophies in some very hot conditions.  I can probably only get away with calling them “cuties” another year.  They’re growing up!

Due to some unfortunate game times, we had a lot of road trips back and forth from home to Basehor Field of Dreams or the ‘dust bowl’ as I call it.  We had a lot of sibling support which means a little bit of money was spent at the concession stand and a whole lot of sunscreen was applied.  IT WAS HOT!!  I swear we were sitting on the sun.

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (2)
We had every van seat full and then some…

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (1)

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (3)

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (11).jpg

6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (4)
I made this Bulldogs shirt for Grandpa for father’s day – it’s probably only going to last a few washings but I tried my best!
6.17.18 Jake_MSP Fathers Day Classic Champs (6).jpg
Jake-Championship game vs Topeka Storm

I can’t resist putting in this flashback photo of Jake and Brian that popped up in my memories.  There’s nothing cuter than a little baseball player!IMG_2789.PNGAnd here are a few pics from our other father’s day celebrations – a breakfast for Grandpa and BBQ dinner out for Papa.  Baseball + Eating = Father’s Day!!6.16.18 FD-Gpa Day breakfast6.17.18 Michie FD Dinner_TheRubHappy Dad’s Day to our AWESOME dads!


Morgan’s Mission Trip – Part 2

She’s back!!!  Hallelujah!  We are certain she isn’t glad to be back because she had an awesome experience on her mission trip.  She worked hard and laughed harder.  She enjoyed every minute being out of our crazy household and didn’t mind sleeping on a tile floor for a week or showering in a trailer.  What is a shower trailer, anyway!?  She even managed to slip and fall and rip the curtain down, all with a smile!  Which is why she received this award, because she was always greeting people warmly and with a happy cheerful spirit.  That’s our girl!IMG_2783.jpg

Of course I stalked her every move on my Life360 app.  I just felt better knowing where she was and they traveled a long way!


She learned to use tools, painted a house, built a beautiful barn door, and had a little fun floating down the river and sharing snacks with her friends.

IMG_2712I caught a great video on facebook of her sawing.  It took me several views just to see if it was actually her!  Her curly hair was throwing me off!IMG_3988IMG_3919IMG_3983IMG_3989IMG_4055They of course spent a lot of time in church as well.IMG_1018IMG_3981IMG_3982She worked in soaking wet jeans and came home with a suitcase full of smelly clothing but every minute of it was worth it.  Way to go Morgan – you are officially way more awesome than the rest of us! IMG_2740.jpgI was so happy to see her beautiful face at 12:30am last Saturday–we couldn’t get the kids out of bed to greet her so it was just Brian and I manning the poster in the church parking lot this time.  She was missed!6.16.18 Mo MT_She's Home!.jpg

IMG_2746IMG_2791I spent all day Friday washing every single item in her room, hanging up clothes that were shoved in the back of the closet, and making everything perfect for her arrival.  Kind of like you do right before you go to the hospital to have a baby!  Nothing could be out of place!  It was a glorious feeling…for that short time.  Now everything is back to it’s normal teenage disarray 😉IMG_2748.jpgIMG_2749

Welcome back Morgan…congratulations on a job well done helping the community of Clendenin, West Virginia!

2nd Annual Bulldogs Moms Coach Night

6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (35)I’m embarrassed to report that we lost again this year!  Despite a big lead early on, somehow we managed to come home with a loss.  Sorry boys!!  Maybe it’s because the Mom’s were drinking margaritas….oh wait no we weren’t because Tim forgot to bring them!  Tim, you’re fired!6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (19).JPGOr maybe it’s because we let the boys goof around and have fun.  That’s the point, right!?6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (6)6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (27)The truth is, Jamie is really hungry for a moms night win – and even assuming the coveted position on the bucket did not help us.  C’mon boys, help us out here!  This opponent just received their first win of the season because of us!  That’s just down right embarrassing!  But look how cute she is on that bucket!

We do try to holler out the right commands, have meetings when needed, and get the siblings to cheer them on…

Despite the fact that we can’t seem to manage a win, there’s still a little bit of good baseball going on and what 12 year old team gets a mom tunnel anymore!?

6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (4).JPG

6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (5)
Jake is totally embarrassed;)


Even though 12 year olds can be sassy at times, I guess moms can be too and we definitely know that baseball coaches are!  We are lucky to be a part of making memories together with our boys…we love you Bulldogs!6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (34)And a special thank you to Morgan & Aunt Jenn, who helped me get these shirts ready for our big debut!  One day after getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed, this sweet girl was still very swollen (and also bored enough that having this to do actually made her happy!)

I’ve named her the team manager with her own shirt because she gets all the odd baseball jobs thrown her way!  Like making labels for the position board & helmet organizer, and setting up a t-shirt shop in our kitchen 😉

If you would like to see the rest of the Moms Night pics, you can go to this Shutterfly link:


Go KC Bulldogs!

Reece’s 8th Birthday Unicorn Party!

Oops…this is already over a month late but I can’t let it slide off my list because it was an absolute blast!  After discussions of a flamingo party or a peacock party, Reece decided to go with unicorns.  Admittedly, this wasn’t my top choice, but now that I look back on it, I’m pretty thrilled with it!  In my opinion, unicorns are just weird.  However, they are trendy at the moment and little girls usually love them so I decided to go with a more subdued look with horns, flowers, and big lashes and I think it turned out pretty magical (you know…unicorns are magical and all!)5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (1).jpg5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (31)

Of all the birthday parties I’ve thrown over the years, I have never had such an awesome reaction.  Ever!  And I’ve done a lot of parties!  Our little friend, Lila, was literally in tears over the beauty she was seeing before her eyes!  At first I thought she might have been upset about something or maybe she was missing her mom, but nope – that was not the case.  She was actually overcome with love for the unicorn party!  Thank you, Lila, for absolutely making my year!!  You’re awesome.


As soon as I knew that we were lucky enough to have 10+ girls in attendance, I immediately called on Morgan and her friends for help.  They are the BEST party helpers ever!


We played pin the horn on the unicorn – it was a close one, but our sweet little neighbor, Olivia, won out.  Congratulations Olivia!

The dining room was a ‘no boys zone’ but Drew was trying to sneak in there to get in on the fun…IMG_22735.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (38).jpg5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (40).jpg

We designed unicorn horns with sugar cones, frosting, and candy.  I though they would take them home to eat but before I could get a picture of them…they were eating them!  It was hit for sure!

We played a fun (but difficulte) game of uniorn ring toss…


5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (59).jpg
I love that Macy moved her other unicorn horn to her chin 😉  She’s what we call a unicorn over-achiever!

IMG_2318I mean seriously, have you ever seen such cute unicorn party girls!!?IMG_2319.jpg

Unicorns gone wild!

5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (58)5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (57)We had a unicorn pinata – it broke before many of the girls could take a swing at it (I’m notorious for overfilling pinatas!) so Morgan tossed it up in the air for Brian to swing at it and it ended up being a crazy candy free-for-all!5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (64).jpg

We also made little unicorn necklaces with unicorn cereal.  This also proved to be a little difficult because our yarn kept fraying.  When in doubt just eat the cereal!  That’s what most of the girls did!  We had one persistent one, Kate, who got hers completed.  Way to go Kate!

We enjoyed dinner and LOTS of sweets as usual.  These girls sang the most spirited rendition of happy birthday that I have ever heard!  I loved every minute of it!

IMG_2278.jpgOf course, Reece received many generous gifts and cards that are all lovingly stored in her bed.  How anyone could sleep in this madness, I will never know!IMG_2389

She received this adorable unicorn blanket from our neighbors who were unable to attend.  She was, without question, the best dressed at the soccer complex at Jake’s game!

Her friend, Macy, drew the best unicorn card from looking at the invitation!  A budding artist for sure!  It’s a keeper!5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (69).jpg5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (79).jpgBefore I knew it, half the neighborhood was here and this party was going strong!  Unicorn champagne cocktails with sprinkles in hand…what can be better!?

And if all else fails and you just need to get away from all these girls and fancy unicorns, just go relax in the tree…that’s what our little friend Andrew did!IMG_2369.jpg

We stayed outside talking with our neighbors, the Dearmore’s, forever.  We love having them because we can always count on them to make us laugh over old memories and stay ’til the bitter end or until the drinks run out! 😉5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (51).jpgWe cleaned up as much as possible before I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  I think Brian ended up cleaning until past 2am…which makes for a rough mothers day the following day!  Either way, I would do it all over again and again because we had an absolute blast!  I’ve officially changed my mind on unicorns.  They rock!

I’m always trying to come up with unique and/or worthwhile party favors, so everyone received unicorn sugar cookie mix.  I was hoping to try a batch before I handed them out but ran out of time and hoped for the best!  I’m told that they were actually fun to make and pretty tasty (but sorta looked like raw hamburger patties 😉

I will say this time after time, we have the best family and friends who are always there for us–making us laugh and celebrating all of life’s milestones.  We love you!  Happy 8th birthday Reece!!5.12.18 Reece's 8th Bday Unicorn Party! (74)P.S. Our sweet Jake wanted to make sure he had something to give Reece on her birthday so he rode his bike to Casey’s to get her some treats that reminded him of unicorns and wrapped this all on his own.  It warms my heart that he is learning at least a couple things from me 😉  I’m also counting on him to put every future boyfriend of Reece’s through a thorough background check and scare them off if needed!


Morgan-Mission Trip 2018

6.3.18 Mo WV MT Consecration (2)This is officially the start of the worst week of the summer!  I know I already said that soccer tryouts were the worst week, but this actually tops it.  Morgan pulled out of the church parking lot in a bus at 6:40 this morning and will not return until next Friday night at midnight.  They are headed to West Virginia in 4 vans, 1 small bus, 14 leaders, a bunch of high schoolers, each with one piece of luggage, a sleeping bag, pillow, and a small backpack.  A 16 hour drive.IMG_2690.jpgI know that she is so excited for this journey – her third mission trip with our church.  I, on the other hand, am incredibly sad that she’s gone.  Her presence in this house will be missed more than I can even describe.  You would think after the third time of doing this, it would get easier, but it just doesn’t.  I’m a giant baby, you all know this!  I will miss simple things like discovering funny to-do lists in her room…6.8.18 Mo's MT To Do List.jpgHer beautiful smile, her laugh, her very loud talking….Brian’s joke is always…”Morgan, the Dearmore’s can hear you!”  They live a few houses down and we think they can probably hear her voice from time to time!IMG_2695Even as she was loading the bus you could hear her talking and laughing and no doubt she will be loved by everyone on there!IMG_2693.jpgAs we arrived at the church, the one thing she mentioned is she hoped she was assigned to one of the four vans and not the bus.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, they called her name for the bus!  Each vehicle has a name – an Office character – hers was Stanley.

I’m embarrassed to say that we aren’t even sure what kind of work she will be doing while she is there!  We missed the meeting!  We had a conflict, of course.  Whatever it is, I have no doubt that Morgan will jump right in without a worry.

In years past the only way of seeing what she was doing was through a facebook group.  I had to get a fb account and stalk it every five seconds…scouring the pictures just looking for any sign of her – a shoe, a ponytail, a sleeve of her shirt.  I know it sounds crazy!

Since they are now high school students, they are allowed to have phones on the trip.  Most times I would never condone the use of electronics but this week, I’m a big fan of phones.  I will be checking for messages at all times!

There is only one person that may miss her more – REECE!  These two are BFF’s.  Here they are two nights ago at their first swim meet of the summer…

Reece woke up at 5:30 to give her one last hug (and she is NOT a morning person!) She will likely end up sleeping in Morgan’s room each night which was OK’d in advance but she is not allowed to get into any of her drawers and mess with her stuff!  And in about three hours, she will already be asking when is Morgan getting home?  I’m serious!

MoMo, I hope you learn a lot this week, enjoy your time away, and don’t worry, boss lady, we will get along without you – barely 😉  That mission trip crew is so lucky to have you this week!!

As I close this journal out, I’ve already gotten a text from Morgan to remind Drew to use Miracle Grow when he waters the flowers today.  See – she truly is the boss lady!!IMG_2691.jpgIMG_2687.jpg

P.S. the story behind the “boss lady” is that many of our friends who have been around Morgan for any period of time realize that she is like having another Mom around.  A few years ago, while out of town for a soccer tournament, our friend Christie said, “here comes the boss lady” and I’ve never forgotten that!  It made me laugh so hard because there is a lot of truth to it.  So when I was walking through a store last Christmas season and I spotted this cup, I instantly had to buy it and give it to Morgan for Christmas! #bosslady



Happy Birthdays!

This is always the worst week of the summer…it’s soccer tryout week!  Yuck!  It always falls at the same time as our wedding anniversary and my birthday and I’m just getting used to sharing it with the soccer madness.  I like to share.  Probably because I’m a twin, so it’s just in my blood!!

Happy Birthday to my twin brother, Greg, and also to my mom who always gets to share her birthday with Memorial Day weekend 😉

We like to combo up our family birthday celebrations because our schedules are too crazy (mostly mine!) so my brother hosted us at his house – with a beautifully newly remodeled kitchen!  Somehow the air conditioning wasn’t cooling down the house quick enough so my poor sister-n-law had to go buy a dessert when she realized all of her ingredients to make one had melted on her kitchen counter.  Oops!


I’ve been able to squeeze in a workout at the gym this morning, lunch with Brian and the kids and a scaled down version of my daily driving – no soccer today!  Woo Hoo!!  Later tonight I will be watching my girls swim in their 1st swim meet for the summer and hoping there’s time for dinner out and a glass of sangria, or maybe 2 😉