Morgan-Mission Trip 2018

6.3.18 Mo WV MT Consecration (2)This is officially the start of the worst week of the summer!  I know I already said that soccer tryouts were the worst week, but this actually tops it.  Morgan pulled out of the church parking lot in a bus at 6:40 this morning and will not return until next Friday night at midnight.  They are headed to West Virginia in 4 vans, 1 small bus, 14 leaders, a bunch of high schoolers, each with one piece of luggage, a sleeping bag, pillow, and a small backpack.  A 16 hour drive.IMG_2690.jpgI know that she is so excited for this journey – her third mission trip with our church.  I, on the other hand, am incredibly sad that she’s gone.  Her presence in this house will be missed more than I can even describe.  You would think after the third time of doing this, it would get easier, but it just doesn’t.  I’m a giant baby, you all know this!  I will miss simple things like discovering funny to-do lists in her room…6.8.18 Mo's MT To Do List.jpgHer beautiful smile, her laugh, her very loud talking….Brian’s joke is always…”Morgan, the Dearmore’s can hear you!”  They live a few houses down and we think they can probably hear her voice from time to time!IMG_2695Even as she was loading the bus you could hear her talking and laughing and no doubt she will be loved by everyone on there!IMG_2693.jpgAs we arrived at the church, the one thing she mentioned is she hoped she was assigned to one of the four vans and not the bus.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, they called her name for the bus!  Each vehicle has a name – an Office character – hers was Stanley.

I’m embarrassed to say that we aren’t even sure what kind of work she will be doing while she is there!  We missed the meeting!  We had a conflict, of course.  Whatever it is, I have no doubt that Morgan will jump right in without a worry.

In years past the only way of seeing what she was doing was through a facebook group.  I had to get a fb account and stalk it every five seconds…scouring the pictures just looking for any sign of her – a shoe, a ponytail, a sleeve of her shirt.  I know it sounds crazy!

Since they are now high school students, they are allowed to have phones on the trip.  Most times I would never condone the use of electronics but this week, I’m a big fan of phones.  I will be checking for messages at all times!

There is only one person that may miss her more – REECE!  These two are BFF’s.  Here they are two nights ago at their first swim meet of the summer…

Reece woke up at 5:30 to give her one last hug (and she is NOT a morning person!) She will likely end up sleeping in Morgan’s room each night which was OK’d in advance but she is not allowed to get into any of her drawers and mess with her stuff!  And in about three hours, she will already be asking when is Morgan getting home?  I’m serious!

MoMo, I hope you learn a lot this week, enjoy your time away, and don’t worry, boss lady, we will get along without you – barely 😉  That mission trip crew is so lucky to have you this week!!

As I close this journal out, I’ve already gotten a text from Morgan to remind Drew to use Miracle Grow when he waters the flowers today.  See – she truly is the boss lady!!IMG_2691.jpgIMG_2687.jpg

P.S. the story behind the “boss lady” is that many of our friends who have been around Morgan for any period of time realize that she is like having another Mom around.  A few years ago, while out of town for a soccer tournament, our friend Christie said, “here comes the boss lady” and I’ve never forgotten that!  It made me laugh so hard because there is a lot of truth to it.  So when I was walking through a store last Christmas season and I spotted this cup, I instantly had to buy it and give it to Morgan for Christmas! #bosslady



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