Kansas ODP


It’s really no secret by now that this family loves soccer and Jake has had the opportunity to be a part of the 2005 Kansas ODP team.  I really don’t know much about this program other than it stands for Olympic Development Program, it adds to our sports schedule, and it costs us more money.

This weekend Jake and Brian traveled to Memphis, TN to compete in several games against other ODP teams from other states.  It was a long drive and one disappointing 1st game, but overall, Jake had an absolute blast and played some great soccer (winning 3 of the 4 games).








The big bonus is he got to have some one-on-one time with dad, avoid all responsibilities at home, eat a bunch of snacks, pizza, and ice cream, play PS4, and go shopping.  What’s better!?

The procession of the Ducks at the Peabody Hotel


Everyone says you must go to Rendezvous BBQ when you’re in Memphis.  Brian was very underwhelmed…better BBQ in KC for sure!


One tired soccer player on a long drive back home



Valentine’s Day!

I love Valentine’s Day.  I love pink and purple and flowers and candy.  I’m a girl…I’m allowed to admit that!  I particularly love it because I get to do fun things for my family.  Any excuse to tell them how much I love them.  I’m all over it!   The last two years we have gone skiing around the holiday so we haven’t been very extravagant.  In fact, this year Morgan pointed out to me that I didn’t do much decorating for Valentine’s Day!!  What the heck!?  Actually, I really don’t have many decorations to speak of – so I guess she’s right!

2.14.17 Reece Happy Valentines Sign.JPG
This is about all I have for Valentine’s decorations.  Reece added in her own special sign.  She was discovering how to use stencils.  Great job Reecie!

Last year was my absolute favorite when I came home and Morgan had decorated for a family valentines party!  It melted my heart and I think it’s ADORABLE that she did that for us!  You ROCK MoMo!


This year I got up extra early to decorate the kitchen and make pink heart-shaped pancakes for the kids.  This seemed like a fabulous idea at the time.  First of  all, a bunch of pressure built up in my plastic bottle I was using to draw the heart shapes and blew the lid off – splattering pink batter all over me and my stove. I thought they turned out pretty cute for my first time but I think maybe a total of….well let’s see…one pancake…was actually eaten.  My kids don’t eat a lot of breakfast.  Don’t you think they could’ve choked them down just for me!?  I even had trays of chocolate chips and M&M’s out to pile on top of their pancakes!   Hmmm…maybe I should’ve just slept in instead!

Of course, I had their school valentines ready to go and I like to order them online with their picture on them.  I always thought they were super cute and different from all the rest of the school valentines.  Who knew that Jake was actually embarrassed to have his picture on his!!  Yep – after his school party this year he said…”mom next year can we not put my picture on mine because it’s sort of embarrassing.”  Huh??  How can this be!?  Well, lucky for you Jake, this is your last year doing school valentines since you will be in middle school next year.  And just for the record, Jake, I get a lot of compliments on these from other moms. 😉  He’s going to be really mortified when he’s like 16 and I’m still doing this.  I’m kidding!!

2.14.17 Drew 3GR School Vals.JPG2.14.17 Jake 5GR School Vals.JPG2.14.17 Reece 1GR School Vals (1).JPG  Luckily, I still have a 6 year old that loves valentine’s day and could not wait to make an awesome box.  Hands down, one of my favorite things to do!

2.4.17 Reece making Val box (1).JPG2.4.17 Reece's 1GR Val Box! (2).JPG

Brian told her to just keep it simple and not put a lot on it.  I quickly disagreed and suggested putting as much stuff on this box as we could!!

2.14.17 Reece School Val Box.JPG

Morgan made these little heart sandwich cookies for Reece’s soccer team.  They loved them!

2.4.17 Reece's 1GR Val Box! (3).JPG

Somehow I found myself on the volunteer list to plan all of the 5th grade games for the school party.  I honestly do not know how this happened but I embraced it because this is Jake’s very last elementary school party!!  boo!  I spent a lot of hours researching and cutting out hearts and hot gluing.  I will forever have tiny scraps of pink and red poster board in every crevice of my van.  Luckily, I love arts and crafts.  I just don’t love them as much when I’m trying to pack a family of 6 for a ski trip!  I begged Brian to help me run the games because I had already signed up to volunteer in my 2 other classrooms.  This was definitely not planned out well.  Jake was so sweet, helping me decide which games would be best and trying them out for me in our family room.  Thank you, Jake, for totally being on my side.


Here are a few pics from my other valentine school parties…

This is Reece & her 4th grade buddy who helped her make a valentine for us.


2.14.17 Drew 3Gr Val Party (1).JPG2-14-17-drew-3gr-val-party-3

We had several sports practices in the evening so we were forced into a super early 5PM Mexican dinner out and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  Love all of my sweet valentines….

2.14.17 My 4 Valentines.JPG

2.14.17 Valentines Day Breakfast (5).JPG

2.14.17 Drew 3GR Heart Art.JPG
Drew’s 3rd grade heart artwork

You’ll all be happy (and not surprised) to know that Reece spent half her Valentine’s day money on a mermaid tail for “Ellie” her stuffed animal…


SZ Bulldogs Breakfast

Drew thought he was getting up early to go eat breakfast with his baseball buddies, but he actually was required to work the breakfast!  Oops…I may have forgotten to explain that minor detail!  His 3rd grade Bulldog baseball team had a fundraiser breakfast over the weekend and raised quite a lot of money for their team!  We certainly hope it made a large dent in the cost of tournaments they will compete in this Spring and Summer.  If I have to write one more check for our family’s sports fees, I might cry!

These little boys took orders, delivered food and drinks, and cleaned tables at Sombrero’s Mexican Cantina Sunday morning.  SO CUTE!  I’m told they did an awesome job (I couldn’t attend because I was handling other activities).  I was hoping someone would bring me a breakfast burrito but no such luck! 😉


2.19.17 Drew Baseball Breakfast Fundraiser (2).JPG
cleaning tables one-handed
2.19.17 Drew Baseball Breakfast Fundraiser (3).JPG
and serving drinks…

2.19.17 Drew Baseball Breakfast Fundraiser (4).JPG

Drew, I’m so proud of you for doing such a great job especially with only one arm available and THANK YOU fabulous friends and family for your support!

2.19.17 Drew Baseball Breakfast Fundraiser (1).JPG

Adios Amigos!


Drew’s New Arm Accessory

Drew has a shiny new cast (which will be dingy, dirty, and smelly next week probably).  You would think a hard cast would be worse than a splint, but in this case, no way!  This cast is about a quarter of the size of that ER splint he had for a week.  This morning we drove him up to the Children’s Mercy Clinic in the Northland on Barry Rd. which was the only location that could get us in promptly.  We had a fabulous experience there.  We met Dr. Kevin Latz who was very informative and reviewed both sets of x-rays with us.  He didn’t think there would be any impact on the growth plate and thinks he will heal just fine.  He suggested no sports until his wrist is fully healed and cast is off but he leaves it up to parents to decide.  Since this is our 6th broken wrist in the family we are feeling pretty confident that he can play soccer without a problem.

He chose blue (his favorite color) for his waterproof cast and Ron, the Cast Whisperer, as they call him, had him all fixed up in no time!  He said Drew could be a cast model – he was amazed at his lean and perfect arm!  ha!



He really was spectacular and I hope we cross paths with him again in the future.  Hopefully not to get another cast!  But he was very friendly, great with Drew, and has a son that plays sports at Olathe Northwest, so maybe we will run into him with Morgan going to HS in the Fall!

Look at this cutie pie…he’s ready for all of your signatures (he’s keeping sharpies in his pocket).  It doesn’t get any cuter than that, does it?


Arenacross with Drew

My sister kindly gave us tickets to Arenacross in the Hallmark Suite at the Sprint Center Saturday night.  I jumped at the chance to take Drew to do something fun to get his mind off of his wrist injury!  I didn’t really know what to expect but we filled up my van with little boys and ventured down town.  I quickly discovered that Arenacross in pretty fierce! These riders are fearless and pretty talented athletes that race on an indoor dirt track.  I can’t believe how high they fly off those jumps!  And quite honestly, I’m mesmerized by the fact that they can transform the Sprint Center into a dirt pit and then turn around and make it an ice rink, or a basketball court, or a concert venue.  These cuties had the best time!  Love you Drew Boo and thank you Aunt Shauna!

2.18.17 Drew_Arenacross_Sprint Ctr (2).JPG2-18-17-drew_arenacross_sprint-ctr-22.18.17 Drew_Arenacross_Sprint Ctr (3).JPG

Probably one of my favorite parts was watching these little 8 year olds riding dirt bikes…so stinkin’ CUTE!  Here’s a video clip I took…

Let’s Go to the Movies – a 5th Grade musical production

2.16.17 Jake 5GR Music Pgm_Lets Go to the Movies (3).JPG

Another elementary school music program in the books!  Jake and his 5th grade classmates performed 8 songs from various movies on Thursday night for friends and family.  The music was really great!  I’m going to be totally honest though, Jake was ready to skip the program all together.  Primarily because the car was packed and ready to head to Memphis, TN for the ODP soccer tournament he was competing in.  If this guy has a choice between music and soccer, he will pick soccer all day long!  But, I’m going to say this again, Jakers you have a really nice voice!  Some people cannot even carry a tune (as we hear weekly at church)!  You are so lucky to be talented in music and sports!

2.16.17 Jake 5GR Music Pgm_Lets Go to the Movies (4).JPG

I had to include this photo because it absolutely cracks me up every time we come to these events how many people rush the doors to get in first.  They are now posting these signs to inform everyone that is standing outside an hour ahead of time…

2.16.17 Jake 5GR Music Pgm_Lets Go to the Movies.JPG

We were a little bummed that we couldn’t see what looked to be one of the best parts – there was adorable dancing occurring on the stage but we couldn’t see it because the students on the risers covered it up!  I caught a glimpse every so often when the crack between the kids in front was just perfectly parted.  I, for one, am super happy you made a wise choice to not skip your program and belt out a spectacular rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight from the Lion King.  We love that song, don’t we!?  Awesome job buddy – now go on to Memphis and enjoy your weekend of soccer!


2.16.17 Jake 5GR Music Pgm_Lets Go to the Movies (2).JPG

2.16.17 Jake 5GR Music Pgm_Lets Go to the Movies (5).JPG

2.16.17 Jake 5GR Music Pgm_Lets Go to the Movies (7).JPG

Drew’s Unfortunate Day


How do we fly down an icy mountain on 2 fiberglass sticks and make it out unscathed and 3 days later turn up with a broken wrist on flat ground!?  This poor guy was playing soccer at recess today and broke his fall with his left wrist.  A few hours later we found ourselves at Children’s Mercy getting x-rays and a splint.  Next week he will get a permanent cast.  This is brutal for a sports fanatic!  I think he’s already bored to tears and we’ve only been home an hour.  Diagnosis:   compaction fracture distal end of the left radius.  Once again…

  • Manchester Park Playground 1
  • Drew Conley 0

What is it with our bad luck on this playground anyway!?  The cool part was Drew got to ride in a wheel chair out of the school building and Mrs. Vanderslice made an awesome splint out of a School Nurse Supplies catalog and was the envy of the staff at Children’s Mercy ER.  Way to go Bev!  And on a positive note, he’s right-handed so he’ll be able to do his school work or maybe that’s a negative depending on who you ask 😉IMG_6734.JPG


2.15.17 Drew Left Wrist Fracture.jpg

This was Drew in much happier times yesterday at his Valentine’s party at school…



We are looking forward to seeing this smile again very soon!  We love you Drewy!