ONW Freshman Basketaball

Thank goodness we have something to occupy our time.  We were in a bit of a slump on entertainment.  Luckily, Morgan is on the freshman basketball team at Olathe Northwest high school.  I will be at every game unless I’m deathly ill or double booked.  So, actually there’s a high likelihood I won’t be at every game ha! 😉  No worries, my dad will always step in my place.  He loves watching basketball.  Congrats on scoring 8 points in this game against Shawnee Mission Northwest!

12.20.17 Mo ONW freshman vs. SMNW (2)
Man, what I wouldn’t give for that thick, long hair

12.20.17 Mo ONW freshman vs. SMNW (1)

12.20.17 Mo ONW freshman vs. SMNW (3)12.20.17 Mo ONW freshman vs. SMNW (4)12.20.17 Mo ONW freshman vs. SMNW (5)Sorry MoMo, I know you probably want to kill me for putting these pictures out there for the world to see because those uniforms are absolutely atrocious!  Before the end of the season, I promise to take a pic of myself in your uniform, It’s going to be hilarious, just wait!!

We love you #14!!

Reece-Pinnacle Pacer

More times than not lately, I find myself in the predicament of choosing between two equally awesome events due to scheduling conflicts.  This time it was my Grammy’s Christmas and Reece’s first Level 3 gymnastics meet.  Since I only see my cousins once a year, the obvious choice was jumping on the road to Pittsburg.  But you better believe, I was checking my phone every second to get an update on the meet from Brian.  We made arrangements for an experienced mom to do her hair…getting hair in a tight bun is not Brian’s specialty!

This is her very first time wearing her competition leotard and her warm up!  She must be smiling because the $275 to pay for these 3 items didn’t come out of her piggy bank, it came out of mom’s wallet!  Truthfully, I think she is just thrilled to pieces to be competing.  This little lady LOVES gymnastics.

She took 4th in balance beam…

3rd Place in Bars…



She took 1st place in Vault!  (she’s way in the back)

4th place in Floor Exercise

And 2nd place overall!!  Wow…that’s a job very well done.

20171216_154521In addition, the judges choose one girl per event to receive a special award, and Reece won for vault out of all those girls!  Way to rock it Reecie!  20171216_160649.jpg


A very proud daddy and aunt!

Overall, the Level 3 KGDC Twisters took 1st place!  Woo Hoo!  Way to go girls!


Reece & Capri Pento

Reece came home with a lot of hardware, a new t-shirt she wears every waking minute, a pinnacle pacer cup, and a giant smile.  What an awesome day!  One meet down, 7 to go…


Merry Christmas Grammy D!

Every year we make a trip to Pittsburg, KS to celebrate Christmas with my mom’s side of the family.  All of us really look forward to this day but I definitely screwed up this year because I scheduled it on the weekend of a gymnastics meet.  I’m just learning the complicated world of gymnastics.  Ok, so it’s really not that complicated…you basically can’t miss anything. ever.  From this point forward, your life revolves around gymnastics.  Crap.  This is not good for our busy family.  Since Reece has been working her little tail off and meets are not optional, Brian and Reece stayed behind in KC to attend the Pinnacle Pacer gymnastics meet.

12.16.17 Grammy D Xmas (6).JPG
This is our Grammy D…93 and amazing!

We had a few hiccups…grammy lost her diamond earring with sentimental value so we did an ‘all hands on deck’ search of her house to find it.  My dad literally took apart the shower drain looking for it and I finally found it in her bed sheets.  Whew!!  We had many laughs throughout the day with kids sampling egg nog for the first time, comparing and taste-testing my fudge vs. my aunt Kath’s (I think I’ve finally figured out what I’m doing wrong!!), deciding who doesn’t fit in the family by not loving French Cookies – a Delmez family tradition, obsessing over my Grammy’s new digital frame, and discussing fighting in high school & Morgan’s fight club (you had to be there for that one!) 😉

Since Reece missed all of the fun (but did rock her gymnastics meet!), Grammy came to church with us the next day in KC and came over to give Reece her xmas gift…12.17.17 Grammy D Reece Xmas.JPGDuring  the church service…Reece filled out this volunteer card in the pocket of her seat.  This girl is going to be REALLY busy if she does all of this! 😉 12.17.17 Reece church

Merry Christmas Grammy D, we love you to pieces!


Ugly Sweaters & Winter Parties

Somehow I’ve managed to not attend 5 out of the 7 holiday parties on our calendar this holiday season because of conflicts and just not enough hours in the day.  BUT I did make it to the kids parties at school.  I always sign up to help for all classroom parties and then when it comes time, I panic and wonder why I over commit.  But I never regret seeing these cuties having fun at school.

It’s tradition at Manchester Park for the 4th graders to make ugly sweaters to wear to the winter party the following day.  This year, Morgan was available in the afternoon (trying to avoid studying for finals) and came to help hot glue a million holiday trinkets on sweaters…

12.18.17 Drew 4GR ugly sweater decorating (1)
What an amazing big sis!

Look how awesome it turned out!!  Now that is one UGLY sweater!!12.18.17 Drew 4GR ugly sweater decorating (4)12.18.17 Drew 4GR ugly sweater decorating (3)12.18.17 Drew 4GR ugly sweater decorating (5)

Because I was trying to be thrifty, I took apart Jake’s ugly sweater from his 4th grade year for Drew to use.  What I didn’t realize is Jake needed to wear one for his choir caroling this year.  Oops!  Guess I should have just splurged on that $5 Walmart purchase.  However, he probably would have looked ridiculous in a sweatshirt from 4th grade anyway!  He’s grown quite a bit!  This is Jake’s masterpiece from 2 years ago…IMG_0069.PNGNot to worry, Morgan had a sweater for Jake to wear as he officially wrapped up his 6th grade choir career.  They went caroling through the school…now that’s brave!!  There he is in the green antlers looking very sweet in that sweater 😉12.19.17 Jake 6GR Choir_School Caroling (1)12.19.17 Jake 6GR Choir_School Caroling (2)12.19.17 Jake 6GR Choir_School Caroling (3)Meanwhile, back at Manchester Park, Drew and his classmates were chucking jingle bells at each other and trying to catch them in plastic cups.  Drew’s partner was a disaster and gave him quite a challenge trying to catch the bells.  I’m guessing softball is not her strength.12.19.17 Drew's 4GR Winter Party (1)12.19.17 Drew's 4GR Winter Party (4)12.19.17 Drew's 4GR Winter Party (5)Either way, the Rudolph brownies were a hit with the kids and these ugly sweaters are simply awesome!12.19.17 Drew's 4GR Winter Party (2)12.10.17 Drew's School treats_Reindeer cosmic brownies (2)12.19.17 Drew's 4GR Winter Party (3)I scurried over to Reece’s 2nd grade party and although I missed a majority of it, she seemed to be having a ball.12.19.17 Reece 2GR Winter Party (2)12.19.17 Reece 2GR Winter Party (3)12.19.17 Reece 2GR Winter Party (4)And look at this amazing candy cane art she created…12.19.17 Reece 2GR Candy Cane Art.JPGAnd for someone who claims he’s not good at arts and crafts, Drew really killed it on this poinsettia art!12.19.17 Drew 4GR Poinsettia Art.jpg

Woo hoo!!  Cheers for Winter Break!!

Holiday Giving

It’s December 15th, which means it’s absolute madness for all humans.  I’m not even going to try to document everything that has been going on because I’m actually just functioning minute to minute right now.  But there are a few things I just can’t get out of my mind.  Like Morgan spending her Saturday face painting for Faces of Hope.12.9.17 Mo_Faces of Hope (2)This organization is made up of volunteers that go out into the community and paint children’s faces to raise money for a variety of charitable causes.  This is Morgan’s third time doing this and whenever she is asked to participate, she jumps at the chance.  If you want to read more about Faces of Hope, check out this short article.  It’s a wonderful story…


The next day, our family made a shopping trip to buy Christmas gifts for a family that would otherwise have nothing under a Christmas tree.  It’s the most worthwhile $350 we will spend all year.  Guaranteed.  12.10.17 We Adopted a Family (2)We are thrilled to report that we found everything they wished for and can’t wait to get these gifts delivered!  Even though we won’t get to meet them personally, we know they will be so thankful come Christmas morning.12.10.17 We Adopted a Family (3)When we got home, Morgan went in the basement and got all the wrapping done completely unassisted and without being asked.12.10.17 We Adopted a Family (1)Then she graciously helped me put these treats together for Drew’s 4th grade holiday party.  You do know that all kids like Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, right!?  I can’t figure out the appeal, but I really hope his classmates like the way we decorated them.

12.10.17 Drew's School treats_Reindeer cosmic brownies (1)
Don’t feel too bad for her…you can see she was also catching up on Netflix at the the same time 🙂

12.10.17 Drew's School treats_Reindeer cosmic brownies (2)I’m going to cry when they tear apart those reindeer!

Morgan would no doubt be the best employee in the North Pole.  In fact, she should be the CEO!  She would run that show with her eyes closed.  In fact, she has single-handedly saved my butt this year by helping me with all things holiday.  160 Christmas cards wouldn’t be in everyone’s mailboxes without her stuffing, licking, and stamping and she has wrapped 90% of the gifts.  Man, this is really making me sound like a loser isn’t it!?

I did help Reece’s Brownies troop make these cute Christmas tree ornaments at their holiday party!  They exchanged fun socks and also collected socks to donate to charity.  Way to go girls!12.9.17 Reece Brownies Holiday Sock Party (1)

12.9.17 Reece Brownies Holiday Sock Party (3)
Reece’s 2nd Grade Brownie Troop – Holiday Party

And look at big bad soccer player, Jake, being a trooper and helping me do my annual bath & body works candle shopping!  Once a year I buy 15 candles at the big sale and it’s hard to manage alone.  Can you imagine the embarrassment of picking out candles with your mom?  He really got the raw end of that deal when I said, would you mind running a quick errand with me!?12.2.17 Jake candle shopping!.JPGThis morning, Reece and Drew excitedly participated in the school spirit day wearing holiday clothing.  The cutest reindeer around!  I’m hoping those hats warm up their brains for the multiple tests they had to take today.  yikes!  If Drew doesn’t get an A on that science test, I’m going to lose my mind.  I’m certain I would get a 100% – I’ve read that study guide a million times! 12.15.17 R&D Holiday Spirit Day.JPGAnd a special shout out to Drew, who has been released from his speech classes he’s been going to over the last year.  Woo Hoo!!  He’s so happy he will no longer be pulled out of class to work on the “R” sound.  Yay!!12.8.17 No more speech for drew!So as I wrap this up and feel good about teaching my kids about giving back to the community, I can’t help but throw in this ‘funny’ that our soccer coach friend sent us….IMG_9895.JPGI just need to add competitive gymnastics and baseball to this list and hope that this will sink in to their heads over the next 10 days.


Happy Holidays!




Jake Sings at Crown Center

12.11.17 Jake Ice Terrace Crown Center (1).JPGI used to dread going to Crown Center when it was a day off because it reminded me of going to work at Hallmark!  After finishing my MBA, my very first job out of college, I was the accountant/financial analyst for the Crown Center shops & restaurants.  My boss was Marcy Brey and that was in June of 1998!  I had numerous jobs throughout the company over the course of 15 years and it was a great place to work!  Since then, I have removed the corporate world out of my daily routine and replaced it with the craziness that comes with running a house of 6.  I love every minute of it…most of the time;)

On Monday, I was actually thrilled to be walking through the doors of the Crown Center shopping center.  The tables in the atrium are the same and it took me back to endless meetings about the big remodel of the center, and many of the tenants are also the same.  It’s like stepping back in time for me!  I used to walk over to eat lunch with friends during my work day and get annoyed with all the parents clogging the tables to watch the choirs during the holidays.  But this time I was on the other side of the table…I was going to watch Jake and the Prairie Trail Choir sing.  Karma.

I can’t take the cuteness of him singing!!12.11.17 Jake 6GR Choir Concert Crown Center (7)12.11.17 Jake 6GR Choir Concert Crown Center (4)

I adored every minute of it and I didn’t have that weird stomach ache that you get when you’re near your workplace on a day off.  My sister Shauna knows exactly what I’m talking about here!


After they sang, they had the ice rink all to themselves to skate!  It was awesome!  Luckily, it came back to him quickly and he was racing around in no time.


After skating, the kids were free to roam the center to eat lunch and shop.  Jake chose Fritz’s of course!  For those of you that are not Kansas Citians, Fritz’s delivers your food to your table by train which lowers a tray to your table.20171211_123209.jpgIt’s always been a hot spot for our kids and I miss them being little and asking to go there.  Jake is definitely outgrowing that chair and he opted for no train engineers’ hat 😦12.11.17 Jake Fritz's Lunch_Crown Center.JPGMaybe I should just be glad he wanted to eat lunch with me instead of ditching me for friends.  I know that day is coming…

Sooooo, that basically wraps up Jake’s choir career!  He has a beautiful voice and really should take advantage of that talent, but I’m losing that battle!

We love you Jakers!20171211_112117_HDR.jpgOn a side note, this freshman decided to give high school hoops a shot.  She was the leading scorer in the shortened version first game and was apparently draining 3’s during warm up.  What!?  She hasn’t picked up a basketball since her 8th grade season…I can promise you that!  She’s really only doing this to get in shape for soccer tryouts in February so our expectations are just that…get in shape and we’ll take a few baskets and stellar defense if that ends up happening.  Mo, you go girl…12.11.17 Mo 1st ONW BB Game vs ON.JPG

ONW Area Orchestra Festival

12.4.17 Mo ONW Area Orchestra Festival (4)12.4.17 Mo ONW Area Orchestra Festival (3)I think this might be the 2nd or 3rd year that Morgan has said she’s quitting Orchestra.  Somehow she keeps plugging along and I, for one, am thrilled!  I love these concerts!  This year, Morgan has graduated from wearing the tuxedo shirt to the long black gown.  When she first brought it home we were slightly mortified but we’ve decided it’s really not that bad.  I mean she’s not going to be throwing it on to go on a date or anything, but certainly there are worse outfits!  And she had to borrow a pair of shoes from Aunt Shauna that feel like you’re walking on a bed of nails…so there’s that…

12.4.17 Mo ONW Area Orchestra Festival (6).JPG
When you’re naturally beautiful, you can pull just about anything off 😉

Before the concert started, she was standing up talking and laughing and just being her social butterfly self and we wondered if she was actually ever going to sit down!  You have to sit down to play the cello!  She did eventually take her seat and we enjoyed 2 songs with the 8th and 9th graders combined and at the end the entire gym participated in the finale 5th-12th grade.  It’s awesome!  The standing ovation was well deserved!

No matter what the attire, this young lady always has a fan club!12.4.17 Mo ONW Area Orchestra Festival (7)My nephew, Collin, used to play in this concert too but has since moved to a new school so we don’t get to enjoy them playing together anymore.  Bummer.  However, he still plays, so we will at least have someone to entertain us if she quits!

We love you Morgan and love that you play an instrument!  It’s another thing that makes you awesome!

Here are the YouTube clips…(the video isn’t good because you can’t really see her in the back, but it sounds great!)

They are really good!