Merry Christmas Grammy D!

Every year we make a trip to Pittsburg, KS to celebrate Christmas with my mom’s side of the family.  All of us really look forward to this day but I definitely screwed up this year because I scheduled it on the weekend of a gymnastics meet.  I’m just learning the complicated world of gymnastics.  Ok, so it’s really not that complicated…you basically can’t miss anything. ever.  From this point forward, your life revolves around gymnastics.  Crap.  This is not good for our busy family.  Since Reece has been working her little tail off and meets are not optional, Brian and Reece stayed behind in KC to attend the Pinnacle Pacer gymnastics meet.

12.16.17 Grammy D Xmas (6).JPG
This is our Grammy D…93 and amazing!

We had a few hiccups…grammy lost her diamond earring with sentimental value so we did an ‘all hands on deck’ search of her house to find it.  My dad literally took apart the shower drain looking for it and I finally found it in her bed sheets.  Whew!!  We had many laughs throughout the day with kids sampling egg nog for the first time, comparing and taste-testing my fudge vs. my aunt Kath’s (I think I’ve finally figured out what I’m doing wrong!!), deciding who doesn’t fit in the family by not loving French Cookies – a Delmez family tradition, obsessing over my Grammy’s new digital frame, and discussing fighting in high school & Morgan’s fight club (you had to be there for that one!) 😉

Since Reece missed all of the fun (but did rock her gymnastics meet!), Grammy came to church with us the next day in KC and came over to give Reece her xmas gift…12.17.17 Grammy D Reece Xmas.JPGDuring  the church service…Reece filled out this volunteer card in the pocket of her seat.  This girl is going to be REALLY busy if she does all of this! 😉 12.17.17 Reece church

Merry Christmas Grammy D, we love you to pieces!


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