Women’s Tournament of Nations-Reece’s once in a lifetime experience!

IMG_3469 (1).jpgI can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet!  One of my favorite things that happened this summer was attending the women’s soccer tournament of nations at Sporting KC stadium!!IMG_3419IMG_3420IMG_3448Reece’s soccer team was very fortunate to be selected to walk out with the players to kick off the games!  I’m not even sure she realized what a big deal that was at the time, but she does now!  She just included this as her main story on her 3rd grade star of the week poster for school:IMG_3856.jpgThere was A LOT of communication about this event prior to our arrival; when to arrive, what gate to be at, signed waivers, dress code rules – the girls had to wear Nike brand tennis shoes NO EXCEPTION (many girls had to go buy new shoes!), what they could bring with them, and no parents allowed to accompany them past the gate.  These soccer people don’t mess around…it’s high security!  The first game wasn’t until 3:15, but we had to have our girls there by 12:15!  I was literally scared to death I was going to screw something up.  I bet I read those emails 30 times!

The girls got the VIP tour of all the behind the scenes events of a professional soccer game.  So lucky!IMG_1838 2IMG_1839 2Then they got changed into new soccer outfits that they got to take home…IMG_1862 2IMG_1846 2They had to practice this ‘walk out’ multiple times!IMG_1842 2.jpg

IMG_1850 2IMG_1841 2Meet Kayla, our team’s assistant coach.  She is a die-hard soccer fan and player and she was LOVING being their chaperone for the day!IMG_1878 2IMG_1881 2Our girls were assigned to walk out with the players from Mexico first and Morgan caught some great pictures.  We scaled a lot of railings and seats to get close enough!

That’s Reece with #14

IMG_4433IMG_4435IMG_1916 2Finally the main event that everyone was waiting for was the USA vs Japan game.  The energy in the stadium was awesome.  Morgan and I tried our best to scale the railings and seats again but it was really hard with a full crowd!IMG_1928 2Reece got paired up with Megan Rapinoe!  She’s a star player on the US women’s national team.  She’s awesome and has been listed as one of 10 nominees for FIFA’s 2018 The Best players!IMG_3447Again, I don’t think Reece actually realized at the time what a privilege this was!IMG_4538IMG_1932 2IMG_4541IMG_4542USA won the match 4-2 with a hat trick by Alex Morgan and a goal by Megan Rapinoe.  Of course when we got home we watched it back and snapped a picture of Reece making her debut appearance on TV.  Yay Reecie Cups!image1


Here are the videos from Reece’s once in a lifetime experience!!


Homecoming 2018

Morgan.Emma.Holly – ONW vs OS USA themed FB Game 

What is going on here, it’s already homecoming!?  It seems like just a moment ago that Morgan started high school and went shopping for her first hoco dress.  Now she’s a sophomore and attending two homecoming dances!?  That’s two dresses, two pairs of shoes, two corsages, etc.  Yikes, we’ve got work to do!

This is Alex Dandy, Morgan’s date.  We think he’s great and he came over with this cute sign and soccer ball.  It’s a perfect match for Morgan and the $4 ball has been a huge hit with her siblings!IMG_3857Everything is a family affair at our house.  Drew was inspecting the poster, critiquing the creativity, and reminiscing about how Alex asked her last year.  They all remember last year’s poster…it’s so cute!  Reece was asking her normal inquisitive questions, like “why do you call it hoco?”

I’m pretty sure after he left he was reconsidering his decision to be involved with Morgan.  After all, in the time he was at our house, Reece was doing back handsprings over the arm of the couch, Morgan’s friends started up a push-up and soccer juggling competition in the family room,  the soccer ball went flying and barely missed my lamp, and we got the measuring tape out to see how much of a height difference there was between them.   We’re just lucky Drew didn’t bust out his clarinet and start playing!  I’m telling you, it’s a crazy 3-ring circus around here most of the time, Alex, sorry!IMG_3861.jpgReece happens to be star of the week in her 3rd grade class this week and look at this precious segment she included on her poster about Morgan.  I hope anyone that Morgan dates is ready for this package deal…IMG_3854.jpg

More to come on HOCO 2018!



Grandparents rock!

When my sweet 10 year old boy asked me if my Grammy (his great Grammy) could come to his school for his last grandparent lunch in elementary school, you better believe I was all over it.  He has a heart of gold and so does she!  She’s 94 years old, still living at home, and everyone adores her!

None of us are ready to accept the fact that Drew is in his last year at Manchester Park!IMG_3817.jpgAll the grandparents got to go back to the classroom and Drew gave them all the scoop about his class.  It was also red Friday spirit day so we tipped the grandparents off to wear their chiefs gear.  He was absolutely thrilled to have all of these wonderful people show up to see where he hangs out for 8 hours a day!IMG_3826.JPGHe was hoping that Grammy would win a prize for being the oldest grandparent in attendance but they gave the prize to the grandparent that came the furthest.  Darn it!

Reece also  had a big crew at her lunch 2 days prior.  She couldn’t wait to show off her room!IMG_3806IMG_3803.JPGIMG_3807.JPGIt was raining very hard both days so they weren’t able to go out for recess but from all accounts, grandparent lunches 2018 were a huge success!

And while we are on the topic of grandparents, I should probably not let this one go without mention.  Each August, Grandma and Grandpa take the kids to their church ice cream social.  I usually take the opportunity to get a few things done without my crew and they always come home very excited to show me all of their treasures they won.  Most of them end up in the “white elephant gift pile” in the basement.  But their all time favorite event is the 2 liter pop ring toss.  They think it’s the best game ever!

8.25.18 CTK Ice Cream Social3.jpg
Job well done, guys!!

You will love this flashback to 2009 when Jake was so proud of himself for winning this big bottle of grape pop.  8.22.09 Jake GIANT PopWe shared it with the neighborhood kids, they thought they were hot stuff!8.24.09 cheers to jake's grape pop!Cheers to grandparents!!




Fall sports & other fun stuff

Today marks the start of fall because I switched out my front door wreath to my fall leaves.  It’s really that simple for me.  When I’m ready for fall, I just change out my wreath.  Isn’t it wonderful that I have that much control over the seasons!?  I also bought my first batch of mums, so that’s definitely a good sign that I’m on the right track.IMG_3811.jpgFall sports have begun and although, we aren’t in full on craziness mode, I can see it coming!

Reece has started her first season on a competitive soccer team.  The expectations are high, they have lots of homework assignments, and It’s a full time job for me to keep track of all the emails I receive from her coach.  I sure love his passion for soccer, but I feel like I’m falling way behind and I’m not even on the team!  Here we are practicing drills on a non-practice night.  I set these cones up, guys – I’m not about to fail at soccer homework!  Thank goodness Drew was there to help me explain the foot skills because I don’t think my parents ever put me in soccer, did you guys!?IMG_3472.jpgLuckily for Reece, she’s just good at soccer without much practice because If I have to continue doing this, I might go insane.  I’m not a soccer coach for a very good reason!

She got new ‘big girl’ glasses and had a fun date day with daddy at Main Event!


Drew is acclimating quickly to his new teams.  His baseball team is a fun little group of guys and he’s having a great time!  He loves to pitch and play 2nd base.20180824_202710.jpgHis soccer team is intense – these boys know how to play!  They are learning a lot of life skills in the process.  It’s a great fit for Drew.  The coach sends us a lot of information to review.  I hope there isn’t a final exam because I would likely fail.  I do read everything word for word, but there’s just a lot swirling around in my brain with all these sports!IMG_3792IMG_3793IMG_3794IMG_3795And just look what I caught on camera…he was being super dedicated and doing his social studies homework on Labor Day.  It just doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Way to ace that test Drew Boo!

Jake is continuing his obsession with golf  when it doesn’t interfere with soccer and is even playing rounds on school nights.20180823_194721_HDR

He played US Kids golf tournament recently and is bumped up into the 13-14 age group even though he is still 12.  He still took 5th place, which is a job well done for a multi sport athlete.  20180826_172300_HDR.jpgBeing in the older group creates a challenge for him, but if anyone is up for it, it’s Jake!  I never doubt his commitment to sports.  He’s a die hard.  He set up this hitting net in our garage and is giving me his stats daily on how many swings he has taken with each club.  He’s subscribed to the theory that “practice makes perfect.”  For now at least…IMG_3782.JPGIn the meantime, he has also made it out to the course with the other golf fanatics I know…Brian and his uncles!  He’s always looking for someone to play with so if you ever need a partner, Jake’s your man!



In the midst of all of this, he is running cross country and his soccer team brought home a championship win last weekend in the Heartland Midwest Classic.  Way to go Fusion Academy boys!20180902_135048.jpg20180902_134731Morgan has been busy with her high school golf team.  They practice every day after school and then she goes to soccer 4 nights a week, not to mention 2 honors/college prep classes.  Sounds exhausting, right!?  Thank goodness she’s young, healthy,  and doesn’t require a ton of sleep!  Don’t call the authorities on us just yet, she’s still making time for fun…here she is with her besties, tubing at Clinton Lake…8.26.18 Mo.Emma.Holly.Hannah_Clinton Lake (13).JPGShe’s been selected to play in two more varsity matches and we could not be more proud after just picking up this sport last summer, she’s rocking it!

This is Morgan participating in the pep assembly at school.  She had to pull herself on a scooter with two plungers in her hands!  Apparently it was a disaster but she’s such a great sport about everything! (that’s my cousin’s daughter, Andie, handing off the plunger to Morgan!)

These golf tournaments are really intimidating.  The rules are strict even for spectators.  If I get caught on my cell phone, step off the cart path, or get within 30 yards of the players, I might be banished forever!  They are not messing around!  I’m almost scared to post these pictures 😉

MO/KAN Tournament at Blue Hills Country Club 8.27.18

This week she played in the tournament at Milburn Country Club hosted by Shawnee Mission East.  A beautiful course but it was extremely windy again and off and on rain.  Some of these girls are amazing golfers!  Morgan is holding her own and still trying to reach her goals of better putting and shooting under 100.  You’ve got this, MoMo!  Keep working hard!3312A922-C470-4167-9A38-331306367A24.JPGIMG_3800IMG_3799She was so excited to have this surprise visitor at her tournament…my Grammy D.  She’s from Pittsburg, KS, 94 years old and truly wonderful.  We were thrilled!IMG_3801IMG_3802And you may be wondering what I did over labor day weekend between sporting events!?  I went to a super fun cookie decorating class with my BFF, Lisa.  Hers were nothing less than perfection of course and I still need a little more practice!IMG_3761Perhaps a little more wine might have made a difference.  The class was held at a local winery!  Wine + Cookies + my BFF = an awesome day!

IMG_3812.jpgAnd my sister and I cleaned out my closet.  She made me get rid of most of my shoes!!  I can’t believe all of these were smashed in my closet!  Yikes!IMG_3786.jpgNo one makes me laugh harder than my sister during closet clean out.  We determined one of my jackets could only be worn if I was participating in a bull fight….I cannot make this stuff up!IMG_3787.jpg

Cheers to fall clean-outs, fun with family & friends, and sports!

Hilton Head Island – July 2018


IMG_3295.jpgWe’ve been wanting to go to Hilton Head, SC for awhile now.  We originally had it on the books for last spring break but we realized that it’s a bit chilly there in March.  So, we postponed and went there this summer.  Wow, I can definitely see why people love it!  It’s a great place to vacation, relax, and have fun with your family.  We had a lot of recommendations from friends that frequent the area, and they were spot on.

As you may have figured out, I love to write.  I may not have a future in journalism but I thought I did at one time.  My first attempt at a college major was Radio/TV at KU.  I ended up at KSU with a degree in business & an MBA.  Go figure.  As a senior, I distinctly remember my dad asking me why I would choose a radio/tv/journalism major when I struggle with writing papers in school.  Well looking back on that now, my response is, no one likes to write research papers in high school do they!?  Funny how things come full circle.

I kept a journal while we were in Hilton Head and sent it to our family back home each day.  It’s not grammatically correct nor did I spend any time proof-reading.  I typed most of it from my phone!  Feel free to skim through if you like.  Kiddos, you will hopefully enjoy reminiscing at some point (you should be able to click on the link for each day to pull up the pdf file).

HHI July 2018 Day 1

Collage Day 1.jpg

HHI July 2018 Day 2

Collage Day 2.jpg

HHI July 2018 Day 3

Collage Day 3

HHI July 2018 Day 4

Collage Day 4

HHI July 2018 Day 5

Collage Day 5a.jpg

HHI July 2018 Day 6

Collage Day 6

HHI July 2018 Day 7

Collage Day 7

HHI July 2018 Day 8

Collage Day 8As you can imagine we took TONS of pictures and it’s just too hard to pick out my favorites.  But you’ve gotten a glimpse!  We miss you, HHI!ACD655C2-6384-4FF7-9338-27915D1B068AAD2A0063-856C-412A-8761-6500042432F6BC3387D0-8DFA-4F01-A1F5-CD0225C309B2A link to all of our photos on Shutterfly is coming soon!



2018 Summer Fun List

I try to hang on to summer as long as possible – it’s by far my favorite season!  But here we are in the last few days of August so it’s probably time to move on!  With reluctance I decided to review our summer fun list and remove it from the fridge.  It’s usually a reminder of all the things we DIDN’T get to over the summer.  However, this year, I was pleasantly surprised…we managed to check off 67% of our boxes!  Woo hoo!  One of them doesn’t count because it got scratched out by an ornery kid – #21 reading (of course!)8.30.18 Summer Fun List.jpgOn the other hand, we didn’t do so hot on the summer chores – which is why they haven’t been paid out yet.  Mom is probably going to get a little bit of cash 😉8.30.18 Summer chores.jpgExcellent job, Reecie, on making our charts!  You always keep us accountable.

At the very last available minute I managed to get us on the schedule at my brothers lake place at Linn Valley Lake.  Literally it was the last weekend before school started but we did it!  And we had a ton of fun.  The only thing we didn’t get to this time was fishing.  Collin had some success with that after we left.

We had a couple of VERY exhausted boys because they had their summer friend sleepover with Aunt Jenn the night before.   Jake went inside the camper to change and never came back out!

Let’s just say the bed time when you’re with Aunt Jenn ends up being very late!  She runs on a different clock but she’s awesome and treated these boys to a super fun time!

Reece got to have her sleepover on a separate evening with her sweet little friend Stella and Aunt Jenn is already rethinking her promise…friend sleepovers in the future will only happen every OTHER year.  Can’t blame her!7.23.18 Reece Stella Summer Sleepover (7).JPGIn the meantime, the girls discovered that if they hang out on our backyard putting green when it gets dark, they can create giant shadows on the side of our neighbors house through a reflection in the light.  I know it sounds weird, but it is very fun and entertainment for hours!  They even have props!  It’s super hard to capture a photo – this is all I have.  It’s one of those…”you have to be there” kind of moments.  Come check it out sometime!

8.10.18 Girls-fun house shadows.jpg
Morgan & Reece, Emma & Keaton Coad

We also spent some time at my parents place, which includes lots of acreage and always a time to channel our inner backwoods country roots.  What am I saying, I have no country roots.  I love being right in the middle of the suburbs!

A little shooting practice and learning to drive an old stick shift with no speedometer….you know typical country bumpkin stuff 🙂7.22.18 Scott's 48 Bday Party (1)7.22.18 Scott's 48 Bday Party (3)7.22.18 Scott's 48 Bday Party (2)I love spending time with these fun people at the ‘Michie Farm’ but I’m very happy to venture right back into my Lenexa neighborhood!

The highlight of our summer was our vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC.  It was AMAZING!  I will make that a separate post.IMG_6642.JPGWay to go Conley crew – job well done on that summer fun list!

Morgan is 15!

IMG_2941Morgan turned 15 on June 29th and of course we celebrated!  This was a BIG birthday because she got her restricted driver’s licence and a car!  Don’t fret, we did not buy her a brand new car, it’s used, but it does happen to be newer than both Brian’s and mine.  And she is responsible for paying us back for a portion of the cost.  It was a BIG surprise and let me tell you, it was not easy keeping this secret!  I was certain someone at the party would spill the beans by accident.  We told her she was coming outside to do water balloons!  She walked out looking afraid she was going to get slammed by balloons but actually, we were all waiting there to see her reaction when her car was parked out front!IMG_2896IMG_2900IMG_2903IMG_2909She proceeded to give multiple rides around the block to the neighborhood kids and adults too.  The kids thought they were hot stuff getting a ride from Morgan.   Getting your first car is SO exciting!!IMG_2913photo-6487134042193920It’s really not easy coming up with a theme for a birthday party for teenagers!  The only thing that kept popping into my mind was snap chat, texting, selfies & captions, and the endless communicating they do on their phones!  So I just went to work on that inspiration and pulled off this party for Morgan.6.29.18 Morgan's 15 Bday Invite.jpgIMG_2987.jpgHer only request was she wanted to do a backyard cookout and helped me shop for a color scheme.  I don’t want anyone being disappointed with a party, that would be devastating to me!IMG_6386.JPG


IMG_6397.JPGSomehow I came across these tiny little colorful grills in the dollar aisle at Target at the last minute….WHAT!?  Why on earth do they have these and could these be any more perfect for decorations for this cookout teenager party!!!?  I’ll take 4, please. IMG_2884.jpg (food not included…that is Reece’s tiny fake food)  Don’t even ask why we have that!IMG_6391Morgan made her famous chocolate chex mix and I made my cake pops – the cashier probably thought we were absolutely insane buying all of these ingredients.  This is enough sugar for an entire year!


She helped me put together these fun party favors – cook out themed coozies and brightly colored flowers in painted mason jars with an eclectic mix of ribbons.  Morgan shares my love of flowers and always keeps me on schedule fertilizing our outdoor plants.  Thank goodness someone is keeping track!


Despite the fact that Morgan’s birthday always falls in the middle of the state baseball tournament, we had so many friends and family that were able to join us this year and we had a blast!  We are so lucky to have all these people to celebrate with!


Morgan, you are so LOVED…Happy 15th Birthday!!  Make this your best year!


To see all the pictures from our celebration you can view this Shutterfly link…