ONW Golf – Regionals & State Championship

In mid-August the girls high school golf season commenced and as of yesterday evening, October 16th, it came to an end.  Whew!  Just to be clear, and brutally honest, that’s a big sigh of relief!  Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Morgan this season but it is a time sucker!  Each tournament is a minimum of 6 hours.  It’s not just a 1 hour soccer game here and there, it’s a full day affair.  The varsity girls miss a ton of school and at any given moment they are on the verge of a breakdown because of it!  You would think it would be perceived as a ‘perk’ of being on the golf team, but actually, it just stresses them out and causes them to constantly play catch up with teachers.  However, they do get the opportunity to play some pretty great courses and I’m consistently amazed with their focus and ability to pull it all together.  These girls are so impressive!

10.6.18 MoMo_cold, rainy putting green practice
Getting a little putting practice in on our putting green in cold, very wet weekend weather.  Only Morgan can pull off this look! 😉


Morgan had two goals she hoped to achieve this season.  She wanted to be chosen to play in 3 varsity tournaments and she wanted to score under 100.  We believed in her 100% and I’m happy to report that she played in every varsity tournament but 1 this season and shot a 98 in the pinnacle of the season, the 6A State Championship.  Thatta girl!  Despite all the stress, missed school days, last minute trips to the golf store for gear, and money spent on custom fit clubs, it was so worth it.  What an awesome season!

10.11.18 Morgan_Regionals Prairie Highlands (1)
This is very early morning on a school day, dressed in 5 layers, setting out for the regional tournament.  How does anyone swing a club in all that!?




The Olathe Northwest varsity team competed in Regionals at Prairie Highlands golf course on October 11th.  It was SO COLD and there were ups and downs in Morgan’s round, but overall, the team took 2nd place, and secured a spot in the State Championship.

Immediately I was trying to figure out what that meant.  I’m not experienced at this kind of thing!  I’ve never been to any kind of state championship!  So basically, I went to work on finding rides for my other kids and canceling Morgans’ responsibilities for Sunday and Monday and doing just an overall mom ‘freak out!’10.11.18 Morgan_Regionals Prairie Highlands (2)10.11.18 Morgan_Regionals Prairie Highlands (9)

10.11.18 Morgan_Regionals Prairie Highlands (15)

10.11.18 Morgan_Regionals Prairie Highlands (6)

10.11.18 Morgan_Regionals Prairie Highlands (7)

2 days later, early on Sunday morning, these cutie pies set out for Salina, KS to get a practice round in.  It was 30 degrees and raining, so they only got 2 holes in and a stroll through the course to familiarize.

Riley’s mom got hats and made cute water bottles and snacks for all the girls.  Not sure how she pulled that off in 2 days!!  She’s apparently a miracle worker!

IMG_4605and a sweet little gift arrived on our front porch at 1 am Sunday morning (thank you Coad family!)10-14-18-morgan-6a-state_salina-2.jpgSweet Reece was so exited she had to make a message on Morgan’s board…can you tell we were all over the moon about this!?10.14.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina (1)By 8am on Monday morning, there was 3 inches of snow on the ground and the tournament was postponed to Tuesday.  Yikes!  That’s another missed day of school (and it’s the end of the quarter), another night in a hotel room, and girls scrambling to tell their families to put the brakes on until Tuesday.img_4604.jpgTuesday morning the sun was shining and we changed all of our arrangements and made the 2.5 hr. drive to Salina.  I was amazed how there are usually only a couple parents in the gallery for tournaments (sometimes I’m totally by myself!) but for State, there were lots of spectators.  There HAD to be nerves kicking in on this first tee shot!
10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (19)10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (20)10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (22)

10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (1)
Before long, she was down to golf shorts!
10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (33)
She’s a bag lady.  Her life is in this golf cart.  No need for a car…she’s got it all right here!
10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (6)
A little lunch before tackling the last 9 holes

10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (35)
My parents made the trip with us, they are golf enthusiasts, and it was a gorgeous day!


10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (12).jpgAfter 6 hours on the golf course, my stomach was full of nervous excitement because she was on pace to shoot under 100.  She finally did it!  She achieved her goals!  Her smile said it all as she walked off that last green…10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (10).jpg
10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (16)Our team placed 7th out of 12 teams, with one teammate in the top 8, and Morgan placed 48th out of 91 girls. She’s worked so hard and it paid off.  She’s gone from nervously trying to even make a spot on the team last year to playing on the varsity squad all season this school year.  You go girl!  Now that’s the way to end the season on a high note!


Morgan, I loved every minute watching you play and even though the time commitment stresses us all out, you always handle yourself with such dignity and watching you ‘do your thing’ is so fun!  You’re always keeping everyone’s spirits up along with a sharp knowledge of the rules of golf, keeping everyone accountable.  Love your focus, love your enthusiasm, and love you to pieces!10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (39)10.16.18 Morgan 6A State_Salina Muni (13).jpg


Jake at the Lake – 13th Bday!

9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (76).jpgEvery year around Jake’s birthday, the sunflowers are in bloom and I love it so much!  There’s a field that I pass by everyday when I pick him up from school that is full of them and it inspired my color scheme for his party this year.  We picked a bunch for centerpieces and prayed like crazy they would stay beautiful for party time.  Sadly, that sunflower field will be replaced by new houses soon 😦

Look at us in 2014 when we went on a sunflower picking trip over by our health club…only 4 years ago but he looks like a baby!9.2014.JPGSince this is a BIG birthday…becoming a TEEN…I wanted to make sure Jake got to do something fun and special.  He first suggested golf (shocker!).  We decided to keep brainstorming since he had already done that theme twice.  So then he picked “tubing” at the lake.  Well, that’s super tricky when you don’t own a boat and your birthday is in October!  We investigated it fully, but eventually had to settle for a beach party at Lake Quivira.  For the record, he did get a round of golf in!IMG_4182.JPGAfter the lake theme was signed off on by my cute little client (i.e. my handsome son who is now a big 7th grader, has braces, and growing into mens sizes), I went to work on pulling it together and prayed for acceptable weather.

I gave him a few choices on cake and invitations design and I was so happy he actually answered my question.!  That’s really asking a lot of a teenage boy!  I found PPJ shop on Etsy and she created some designs for me that were perfect.  I was super short on time that I couldn’t do it myself.  Between multiple golf tournaments, soccer, baseball, a sick kiddo, and 2 homecomings, I was lucky I wasn’t curled up in a ball in the corner crying out for help!9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (24)

So the weather was predicted to be 80 and sunny (which would be really lucky this time of year) but that didn’t really pan out for us.  We made the best of it and had a blast!  We ate BBQ (Jake’s favorite), played sand volleyball, and a few brave souls jumped in the lake.9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (95)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (97)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (100)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (101)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (102)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (104)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (26)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (57)9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (61).jpg9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (92)

9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (30).jpgI asked Morgan to take  few pics for me and wouldn’t you know that she would take a bunch of selfies 😉

Jake received lots of funny cards, clothing (he likes to look nice!) and my friends teased me that I need to face the facts that he’s growing up and needs bigger clothes!, and of  course, gift cards for the playstation and Casey’s.  You know…teenage boy stuff!  Plus we got him a new golf bag AGAIN, I swear we just got him one like a second ago!

My family is awesome and helped me set all this up, tear it all down, and my dad chopped me a bunch of wood for my centerpieces…that he now wants to charge rent for if anyone wants them for party decor! 😉 They’re pretty cute!

So happy we had family and friends to celebrate this special occasion with – what a blast!  Except I could’ve done without the bees…they were swarming our party!  And I still had a bee in my van the next day!  Check out this one hovering around Jake’s ear…9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (105).JPGIf you want to view all of my pics, you can access them on Shutterfly with this link…


Happy Birthday Jakey, we love you so much!

Our sweet neighbor, Jack Dearmore, was sick on party day so he came over to wish Jake a happy bday this week.  Look how tall he is!!

Happy 13th Birthday Jake!

Thirteen years ago at 11:09 a.m., this cutie pie came into our world!  I don’t know if it is actually possible to have a perfect baby, but he had to be close!  He really was so easy to care for.  Which probably means, he’s going to be the worst teenager!  YIKES!10-20-05 Kangaroo Jake.JPGWhen I got up to wish him a happy birthday, he was already dressed, ready for school, and swinging a golf club (of course)!IMG_4388.jpgHey….why not make the best of your birthday!?IMG_4390.jpgThen Aunt Jenn arrived with donuts because that’s ‘her thing’ and we always look forward to it!IMG_4393.jpgNone of his siblings have even made him a birthday card yet!  They better get on it!  Even our sweet little neighbor, Olivia, brought him a homemade card this morning.  Gold star for Olivia!

We already had a great celebration over the weekend and I will share that on here soon but for now, you can access the pictures with this link…


9.30.18 Jake's 13th Bday Lake Party (105).JPGJakers, you are so loved.  We love your passion for sports, your dedication to getting good grades, your ability to make people laugh and welcome all with open arms.  We can’t wait to see what you achieve in the coming years!

P.S. Let’s try to be a ‘good’ teenager…if there is such a thing!?

Here are a few of my all time favorite Jake pics….07.07.07 jake's cute tongue

7.4.07 Jake and his favorite blanket
This was Jake’s favorite blanket, which was actually Morgan’s first.  We still have it…but it’s coming apart in shreds!
6.22.13 Jake State BB Tourney (5).JPG
This is my screen saver on my phone and I get a lot of crap for it!  😉


Eagle Bend & BVSW XC Meet

Sometimes the best days are the ones that don’t go as planned.  Yesterday I told myself it was really ok to miss one golf tournament to go to the gym and get some much needed things done around the house.  By 8am, my van was headed straight to Lawrence because I couldn’t stomach the thought of missing Morgan’s varsity golf match.  Thankfully I had the thought to grab a jacket because it was cold!  I walked 14 holes by myself enjoying the peacefulness of the course and my first time seeing her birdie a hole.  I was so happy that tears welled up in my eyes.  You go girl!IMG_4152IMG_4153IMG_4154IMG_4159Her round had ups and downs, some terrific golf shots, and some not so terrific putting, some muddy white golf pants, but always a positive attitude and a smile.  That, to me, is one of the greatest attributes to success on the golf course and off.  At one point her tee shot ended here….

YIKES!  Eagle Bend Golf Course, Lawrence KS.  ONW finished in 9th place out of 23 teams!

Somehow she miraculously found her ball in this very messy tall prairie grass and hit it dead center into the fairway.  Amazing!  However, she did end up with a triple bogey because of putting but hey–this just proves my point of ups and downs!  Celebrate the ups and the downs will become fewer and far between.  So proud of you MoMo!

With 4 holes to go I realized I needed to get to the other end of the world to make it to Jake’s cross country meet.  When I arrived, I realized it was HUGE – 22 schools!  I was not experienced with this.  Runners were everywhere!  Luckily I found one of Jake’s friends who directed me to where he was hanging out pre-race because I may have never found him!

Brooks.Jake.Brenner (soccer buddies!)

When we saw this massive crowd, we set our expectations low on a top 5 finish (top 5 receive medals).  Plus, he was running a 2 mile race for the first time with combined 7th and 8th grade boys.  Brian was traveling, so my plan was to scoot right on out of there after his race to give me time to pick up Reece from gymnastics.  And this is where my plan failed.

The little stinker came in 5th place out of 121 runners!!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is AMAZING, but this meant I needed to stay to the end for the awards and either leave Reece stranded at gymnastics or text my sister in a massive panic.  No way was I missing those awards!IMG_4785IMG_4786IMG_4800Thank you to my friend, Craig, for getting these photos because the ONE picture I got was the back of his head. Seriously!?IMG_6917.JPGI’m not sure I’ve ever been so proud!  Jake, you weren’t even sure if you could run 2 miles!  Love your determination, buddy, you are so fun to watch and I laughed afterwards when you said it was “pretty easy.”IMG_4820IMG_6920IMG_4164So 12 hours later I finally arrived home from my day that didn’t go as planned.  I was exhausted, happy, proud, fed my kids dinner from a Wendy’s bag, and everything that needed to get done could wait.  I wouldn’t change one minute of it!





Women’s Tournament of Nations-Reece’s once in a lifetime experience!

IMG_3469 (1).jpgI can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet!  One of my favorite things that happened this summer was attending the women’s soccer tournament of nations at Sporting KC stadium!!IMG_3419IMG_3420IMG_3448Reece’s soccer team was very fortunate to be selected to walk out with the players to kick off the games!  I’m not even sure she realized what a big deal that was at the time, but she does now!  She just included this as her main story on her 3rd grade star of the week poster for school:IMG_3856.jpgThere was A LOT of communication about this event prior to our arrival; when to arrive, what gate to be at, signed waivers, dress code rules – the girls had to wear Nike brand tennis shoes NO EXCEPTION (many girls had to go buy new shoes!), what they could bring with them, and no parents allowed to accompany them past the gate.  These soccer people don’t mess around…it’s high security!  The first game wasn’t until 3:15, but we had to have our girls there by 12:15!  I was literally scared to death I was going to screw something up.  I bet I read those emails 30 times!

The girls got the VIP tour of all the behind the scenes events of a professional soccer game.  So lucky!IMG_1838 2IMG_1839 2Then they got changed into new soccer outfits that they got to take home…IMG_1862 2IMG_1846 2They had to practice this ‘walk out’ multiple times!IMG_1842 2.jpg

IMG_1850 2IMG_1841 2Meet Kayla, our team’s assistant coach.  She is a die-hard soccer fan and player and she was LOVING being their chaperone for the day!IMG_1878 2IMG_1881 2Our girls were assigned to walk out with the players from Mexico first and Morgan caught some great pictures.  We scaled a lot of railings and seats to get close enough!

That’s Reece with #14

IMG_4433IMG_4435IMG_1916 2Finally the main event that everyone was waiting for was the USA vs Japan game.  The energy in the stadium was awesome.  Morgan and I tried our best to scale the railings and seats again but it was really hard with a full crowd!IMG_1928 2Reece got paired up with Megan Rapinoe!  She’s a star player on the US women’s national team.  She’s awesome and has been listed as one of 10 nominees for FIFA’s 2018 The Best players!IMG_3447Again, I don’t think Reece actually realized at the time what a privilege this was!IMG_4538IMG_1932 2IMG_4541IMG_4542USA won the match 4-2 with a hat trick by Alex Morgan and a goal by Megan Rapinoe.  Of course when we got home we watched it back and snapped a picture of Reece making her debut appearance on TV.  Yay Reecie Cups!image1


Here are the videos from Reece’s once in a lifetime experience!!


Homecoming 2018

Morgan.Emma.Holly – ONW vs OS USA themed FB Game 

What is going on here, it’s already homecoming!?  It seems like just a moment ago that Morgan started high school and went shopping for her first hoco dress.  Now she’s a sophomore and attending two homecoming dances!?  That’s two dresses, two pairs of shoes, two corsages, etc.  Yikes, we’ve got work to do!

This is Alex Dandy, Morgan’s date.  We think he’s great and he came over with this cute sign and soccer ball.  It’s a perfect match for Morgan and the $4 ball has been a huge hit with her siblings!IMG_3857Everything is a family affair at our house.  Drew was inspecting the poster, critiquing the creativity, and reminiscing about how Alex asked her last year.  They all remember last year’s poster…it’s so cute!  Reece was asking her normal inquisitive questions, like “why do you call it hoco?”

I’m pretty sure after he left he was reconsidering his decision to be involved with Morgan.  After all, in the time he was at our house, Reece was doing back handsprings over the arm of the couch, Morgan’s friends started up a push-up and soccer juggling competition in the family room,  the soccer ball went flying and barely missed my lamp, and we got the measuring tape out to see how much of a height difference there was between them.   We’re just lucky Drew didn’t bust out his clarinet and start playing!  I’m telling you, it’s a crazy 3-ring circus around here most of the time, Alex, sorry!IMG_3861.jpgReece happens to be star of the week in her 3rd grade class this week and look at this precious segment she included on her poster about Morgan.  I hope anyone that Morgan dates is ready for this package deal…IMG_3854.jpg

More to come on HOCO 2018!



Grandparents rock!

When my sweet 10 year old boy asked me if my Grammy (his great Grammy) could come to his school for his last grandparent lunch in elementary school, you better believe I was all over it.  He has a heart of gold and so does she!  She’s 94 years old, still living at home, and everyone adores her!

None of us are ready to accept the fact that Drew is in his last year at Manchester Park!IMG_3817.jpgAll the grandparents got to go back to the classroom and Drew gave them all the scoop about his class.  It was also red Friday spirit day so we tipped the grandparents off to wear their chiefs gear.  He was absolutely thrilled to have all of these wonderful people show up to see where he hangs out for 8 hours a day!IMG_3826.JPGHe was hoping that Grammy would win a prize for being the oldest grandparent in attendance but they gave the prize to the grandparent that came the furthest.  Darn it!

Reece also  had a big crew at her lunch 2 days prior.  She couldn’t wait to show off her room!IMG_3806IMG_3803.JPGIMG_3807.JPGIt was raining very hard both days so they weren’t able to go out for recess but from all accounts, grandparent lunches 2018 were a huge success!

And while we are on the topic of grandparents, I should probably not let this one go without mention.  Each August, Grandma and Grandpa take the kids to their church ice cream social.  I usually take the opportunity to get a few things done without my crew and they always come home very excited to show me all of their treasures they won.  Most of them end up in the “white elephant gift pile” in the basement.  But their all time favorite event is the 2 liter pop ring toss.  They think it’s the best game ever!

8.25.18 CTK Ice Cream Social3.jpg
Job well done, guys!!

You will love this flashback to 2009 when Jake was so proud of himself for winning this big bottle of grape pop.  8.22.09 Jake GIANT PopWe shared it with the neighborhood kids, they thought they were hot stuff!8.24.09 cheers to jake's grape pop!Cheers to grandparents!!