First day of the 2018-2019 school year!

This is always one of my favorite things to document…the first days of school!  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a school nerd.  I think I will always be one of those oddballs that likes school and I’m hoping at least one of my kiddos might take after me in that department!

Sneak-a-peek night always occurs the night before the first half day of school for the elementary kids.  Every year it falls on a soccer practice night so my kids usually have on a uniform instead of a cute outfit.  This year it was pouring rain, so practices were getting canceled as we were meeting teachers and organizing supplies.

Drew has Mrs. Swearengin this year for 5th grade.  Morgan also had her and they had a wonderful year together and still to this day when I see her she always asks how Morgan is doing.  Drew, don’t screw this up buddy, just act like Morgan and it will be smooth sailing!  I’m sure she will love you too…who wouldn’t love that sweet face!?8.14.18 Drew 5GR Sneak-a-peek (2)Her classroom is perfectly organized and ready to whip these 5th graders into shape to get them prepared for middle school.  That’s probably my biggest struggle this school year…Drew’s class just doesn’t strike me as the example-setting upperclassman of the school!  There’s probably a little bit of maturing that needs to happen 😉

Reece has Mrs. Woolery for 3rd grade and is a new teacher for our family but not to the school.  She seems fantastic and Reece has a lot of friends in her class.  Don’t worry, she’s a rule-follower, you won’t catch her getting into trouble unless she is telling a classmate to stay on task.  That’s just Reece!8.14.18 Reece 3GR Sneak-a-peek (1).jpg

8.14.18 Reece 3GR Sneak-a-peek (2).jpg

Her classroom runs a bit differently that a typical classroom.  Since there are 24 of them in this room, she follows a “flexible seating” learning environment.  Students do not have their own desk.  Each day they learn in a different seat – it may be a couch, a fuzzy chair, an exercise ball, etc.  Here’s a video clip of them getting to know their classroom today…

8.14.18 Reece 3GR Sneak-a-peek (4)And I finally got Jake off the golf course for about 10 minutes to take him to school to deliver supplies, try his locker, and walk a portion of his schedule.  Don’t kid yourself, within an hour of doing this, I was dropping him off at the golf course.  He’s an old pro at this now I guess and there’s no way he’s wasting his last hours of summer messing around with a locker!  He did get a kick out of my note I left him though…8.14.18 Jake 7GR PRT_finally checking his schedule&locker.jpgEach year I write my kids a note about the upcoming school year and get them a back to school gift.  Sometimes they all get the same thing and other years they don’t but I really just hope they keep the notes and read them from time to time.  That’s probably asking too much!  This year Morgan got two golf hats for the fall high school season, Jake got a new book by the only author he likes to read!  Drew got a new water jug because he is playing fall baseball this year, and Reece got squishies and flip-a-zoos which really has nothing to do with anything except she’s 8 years old and likes toys!

I usually have them open their gifts all together but Morgan and Jake decided to sleep in a bit on their last day of summer while the littles had to get up for a half day of school.  Aren’t they looking sharp!?8.15.18 Drew 1st day of 5GR8.15.18 Drew&Reece_1st day 5&3GR (5)8.15.18 Reece 1st day of 3GR

This morning is what I call the ‘real’ first day of school because it’s a full day of classes and it includes all grade levels.  We set up our neighborhood breakfast party in our driveway and started snapping pictures at 7am sharp!  These high schoolers drive themselves to school now and they need to get going!  We missed Brian this year for the first time because he had a work commitment but we did a good job of sending him pics!  My sweet Drew Boo was helping me get everything set up for the neighbors – laying out blankets and chairs without me even asking him.  Thank you Drew for being awesome!  You know this back to school routine!  Morgan did Reece’s hair for me because she’s a hair expert!  Sorry Reece, but you might be stuck with me doing it the rest of the school year!8.16.18 1st day school_Morgan(10) & Reece(3).JPGHere’s our Falcon Valley neighborhood crew….pretty good looking group!!IMG_3656.jpg

It’s tradition to get my kids pics with the Dearmore kids and can you believe how much they have grown and changed (check out the flashback photos!)

Here are just a few more of my faves for the morning!  Wishing all of these kiddos the best school year ever!!

8.16.18 1st day of Sophomore year! (1)
Morgan & Emma – The best Sophomores!
8.16.18 1st day school Mo(10) Jake(7) Drew(5) Reece(3)
Morgan 10th grade, Jake 7th grade, Drew 5th grade, Reece 3rd grade
8.16.18 1st day school_boys (1)
The Falcon Valley Boys – ranging from 1st grade to 10th grade
8.16.18 1st day school_girls
The Falcon Valley girls – ranging from 2nd grade to 11th grade
8.16.18 Reece(3) Liv(5) & Olivia(2)
Liv, Reece & Olivia – the cutest girls at Manchester Park!  They will probably rule the universe someday or at the very least, be fashion superstars!
Liv & Drew – 5th graders!

I also don’t want to gloss over the tradition of the neighborhood bike ride to donuts.  This always happens on the morning before school starts.  However, this year it turned into a drive to donuts because of the threat of rain.  Morgan couldn’t join us because she had golf tryouts but she requested we bring her a donut.  She doesn’t like to miss out on traditions.  I’m certain one of these years Price Chopper is going to lock it’s doors when they see us coming…8.14.18 Back to school donuts (1).jpg

Now excuse me while I go back to my normal routine of worrying about having a teenage daughter that drives to school now, a 7th grade boy who is way too cool for his own good, a 5th grade boy who may or may not get in trouble this year for talking in class, and a 3rd grade girl who is so busy perfecting everything that she may fall asleep on her desk or have a breakdown.  Kidding!  I’m actually full of hope for these amazing kids!  Wonderful memories are happening right now!

For me, on the other hand, today is probably not the day that I’m going to get everything accomplished that I put on the back burner for my typical summer hiatus.  I planned to get to the gym at 8:30 and ended up talking with my neighborhood dads in the driveway and then ran into my moms at the gym and proceeded to talk for another hour and returned home at noon having worked out for only 45 minutes of that.  I will only have this blog post to show for myself.  Tomorrow’s a new day.  I hope my awesome neighbor did better than me – she was going to go down in her basement and watch netflix all day and eat twizzlers.  You go girl!

Cheers to the 2018-2019 school year!


Prepping for school

I have a pit in my stomach that I’ve determined will never go away as long as I live.  Today I picked up Morgan’s parking pass so she can drive herself to school and park in the high school lot.  Did you know she got a car for her 15th birthday!?  What!?IMG_2909.jpgHer new license plate is attached and restricted driver’s license is on it’s way to our mailbox.  Can I go back to the days of picking out a cute pencil pouch for the upcoming school year instead, PLEASE!!

To further irritate the pit in my stomach, I can’t tear Jake away from the golf course long enough to go to school to pick up his schedule and get his locker….so I went by myself!!  How sad is that!?  Families are there together walking their schedule routes and girls are decorating their lockers.  Nope – not us, I was channeling my inner 7th grader and trying to find my locker and master the combination solo.  I got it on my first try!  Yay for me!  I couldn’t help myself to leave a note.  His locker just seemed so lonely and boring!

IMG_3480Soon these hallways will be full of obnoxious middle schoolers!  I’m hoping Jakers will avoid the obnoxious-ness and just be his cute little self.  That could be asking for a lot these days…he is going to be 13 soon.  Oh no – the teenage years!  Yikes!IMG_3481.jpgJake got on the team he was hoping for “team Tundra” and a top locker so he’s already starting out on the right foot.IMG_3477Wishing you the best school year ever!

P.S. Please don’t ever make me do that by myself again!


Birdies at Lake Quivira

I can’t resist this post!  Reece has been participating in a girls golf camp at Lake Quivira Golf Club.  It’s only one night a week and they focus on the basic fundamentals of golf in a fun manner.  First of all, it’s just adorable to see these little girls toting their golf clubs and dressed in their golf attire!6-13-18-reece-lq-foregirls-golf-camp.jpg6.6.18 Reece LQ Golf Camp (1)6.6.18 Reece LQ Golf Camp (3)The next best part is watching them completely get derailed from the camp trying to help these little birdies who’s nest fell out of the nearby tree…6.6.18 Reece LQ Golf Camp (2)We literally had 2 golf pros trying to save the nest and get it back safely in the tree!  I cannot make this stuff up.  This actually happened – so basically that’s one golf lesson that went down the tubes!  After little birdies are spotted in distress, there is no way to get these budding golfers back on track!

Jake Mother’s Day Classic & State Cup

Flashing back again to the May/June time frame.  You know that super busy time that becomes a blur!  If it wasn’t for my little notepad by my computer right now I might have forgotten to mention the tail end of Jake’s soccer season.  Sorry bud, I really couldn’t forget spending my Mother’s Day at your soccer tournament!  I arrived just after the start and missed the roses being handed out to the moms – yikes – that’s a mom fail for sure!  It was a hard fought battle which ended in a 2nd place finish.5.13.18 Jake U13 Mothers Day Classic_finalists (1)5.13.18 Jake U13 Mothers Day Classic_finalists (3)About 3 weeks later they competed in the U13 Kansas State Cup – the pinnacle of the season for the top teams in each age group.  The boys fought hard and had some success, making it to the semi-finals.  In the end, they were defeated by Sporting BV, Soccer Nation advanced to regionals in Indiana and the top 96 teams in the nation will compete in TX next week.6.3.18 Jake U13 State Cup_Game2 (1)6.4.18 Jake 2005 State Cup Semi Finals vs SBV (2)6.4.18 Jake 2005 State Cup Semi Finals vs SBV (3)6.4.18 Jake 2005 State Cup Semi Finals vs SBV (4)6.4.18 Jake 2005 State Cup Semi Finals vs SBV (5)6.4.18 Jake 2005 State Cup Semi Finals vs SBV (6)Don’t worry Jake, your State Cup championship is coming, I know it!

Drew-Heartland Division Winners!

6.3.18 Drew SKC tailgate-heartland champs (2).jpgThis is definitely a delayed post but I don’t want to forget about it!  Drew’s U10 Fusion Academy team was the division winner in the Heartland league.  The most exciting part is they got to accept their award at the Sporting KC game and walk across the field.  If you’re a soccer player, this is a pretty fun deal!6.3.18 Drew SKC tailgate-heartland champs (3)6.3.18 Drew SKC tailgate-heartland champs (3)

6.3.18 Drew 2008 Heartland Div 2 Champs
6.3.18 SKC game and also our 18th wedding anniversary…sounds exciting doesn’t it!?

This event is particularly bittersweet as this is a fantastic group of boys and Coach Mo has great relationship with Drew.  Drew has decided to try a new premier soccer club this upcoming soccer season so lots of changes are in store!5.20.18 Drew 08 Academy Division Champs! (1)5.20.18 Drew 08 Academy Division Champs! (2)5.20.18 Drew 08 Academy Division Champs! (3)






Drew-Strike Zone Bulldogs Baseball

5.16.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (27).JPGAfter three seasons with the Strike Zone Bulldogs, Drew has decided to move on.  It’s been a great run, but it’s time for a change.  We have had an absolute blast watching Drew play baseball and we hope to continue to do so in the future.  Stay tuned on that!  For now, I want to share some memories of the last few games.  We love you #20!

5.16.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (23)
who can resist this adorable smile!?

5.16.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (26).JPG5.16.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (9)5.16.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (10)

5.25.18 Drew MVP_10U AAA baseball tourney
5.25.18 MVP!  MSP Memorial Day Tourney
5.26.18 Drew 10U SZ Bulldogs cookout
5.26.18 Team BBQ.  Coach Darin gave each player one of the championship trophies.  That’s a bunch of wins!

6.30.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (1)6.30.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (2)6.30.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (3)6.30.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs (4)

6.30.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_LS Tourney (1).JPG7.1.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_LS Tourney (7)7.1.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_LS Tourney (8)7.1.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_LS Tourney (11)

7.1.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_LS Tourney (13)
Holy cow that catcher could eat him for lunch!  Drew is still waiting for his growth spurt.  He asks me when it will happen about 3 times a week 😉

The last game of the season, the boys got to coach and play positions they wouldn’t normally play – just for fun!  For the record though, Drew’s favorite positions are pitcher and 2nd base.  Drew, you are a GREAT pitcher and second baseman!7.2.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_3rd Base Coach (4)7.2.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_3rd Base Coach (5)7.2.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_Final League Game (3)7.2.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_Final League Game (6)I couldn’t be more proud of my little ball player.  Hoping there’s more to come in the future, but if not, it’s been a fun ride!7.2.18 Drew U10 SZ Bulldogs_Final League Game (7)



KC Bulldogs 3and2 League Playoff Champions!

What a fun way to end the season!  The KC Bulldogs won the league playoff championship!7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (4).JPGThere were several great games in this series and we had a blast watching them.  The conditions were so hot and we still had a big fan club!7.8.18 Jake KCBulldogs_League PlayoffJake pitched every pitch in the last game which I wasn’t so sure about especially since he had already spent several hours on the golf course earlier in the day.7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (9)7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (10)7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (13)7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (11)Congratulations KC Bulldogs!  You deserve this win so much!7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (16)7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (22)7.11.18 Jake Bulldogs League Playoffs_Champions (23).JPGOverall, we have played a lot of baseball this season, and been quite successful.  This was a rebuilding year for us with a handful of new players and it really came together!  We had three tourney wins, one 2nd place finish, and an MVP nomination for Jake (I think – I really should check with my stats guy before I make those quotes!)

5.19.18 Jake Hawaiian Hitfest MVP (1).jpg
Hawaiian HitFest MVP

What will I do without my baseball entertainment!?  These boys are so fun to watch!  I surely won’t miss washing these white baseball pants!!  Maybe I will get a couple things done that keep falling to the bottom of my list 😉