Happy 44th Bday Shauna!

1.21.17 Shauna's 44th Bday (2).JPG

My gorgeous sister, Shauna, loves her birthday!  It generally gets celebrated for a month or more!  We had a kick-off celebration at my parents house and my mom made a Paleo chocolate tart that we think cost her about $60 and hours of her time to make (hey, no one said following a Paleo lifestyle is cheap) trust me – I eat this way all year long and it’s crazy!  But that tart was super delicious!  Morgan got to sit at the ‘adult table’ for the first time and we’re pretty sure she’ll never want to sit there again.  Apparently it’s not as fun as it seems, kiddos!  We were basically giving her a lot of teenager advice.  Poor girl!  However, the kids table was remarkably calm and well behaved.  Maybe booting the boss (Morgan) out of there has a calming affect on the rest of the kids!

Reece out of the blue the other day said, “do you like sitting at the adult table?” I said, “yes!” and she said, “it seems really boring because you just sit there and talk!” She’s right…that is about all that happens there and we force the kids to go down to the basement which they act like is an act of torture.  To be fair, it does have occasional snakes and mice (they live in the country!) and I’d prefer to play a family game any day.  I’m with you, kids, I think we should stop forcing you to go downstairs and enjoy your company (as long as you don’t block the view of the sports on TV and you don’t spill on the carpet). Happy Bday Shauna!

1.21.17 Shauna's 44th Bday (1).JPG

This is a flashback from 4 years ago when we flew to Mexico to celebrate her bday!


Daisy’s Daddy Daughter Date Night

1.27.17 Daddy Daughter Daisy Date Night (1).JPG

Reece’s daisy’s troop planned a daisy’s daddy daughter date night (say that 5 times fast!). Brian has been traveling A LOT lately (I know I say that all the time) but the beginning of the year really does bring a ton of travel for him.  So, this little cutie was super excited to get some special time with dad eating pizza and bowling.  When she woke up for school Friday morning, the first thing she said to me was…only 10 more hours until my date! Nothing melts your heart more than that!!

Hunting Experience #2

Just when we were giving my dad and brother trouble for never asking Morgan to go hunting with them…they asked her to go goose hunting this past Saturday and off she went! IMG_20170128_102723774.jpgI mean…have you ever seen a cuter hunter in your life!?  You really couldn’t pay me any amount of money to get up before sunrise and freeze my tail off to shoot a bird.  So, the fact that she wants to do this with her family really warms my heart.

Actually, I’m feeling really warm and fuzzy writing this because I think my very first post on this conleycrew blog last April was about her first hunt!  Now over 150 published posts later, I’m still managing to find time to write!  That really boggles my mind.

This was hunt #2 for Morgan and of course they came home with zero birds….all they got was a can.  Check out this cute video clip…


I feel like every time I talk to these hunters, they haven’t gotten anything!  They are persistent though, because they keep going!  I think it’s because they either get a gourmet breakfast courtesy of my mom or they go out for breakfast afterwards.  Look at that yummy stack of pancakes…now that’s more my style…warmth, food, and good company.  20170128_112308.jpg





Grandmothers Tea

Ok so I’m skipping around a little bit here and going back to December 28, 2016.  Each year the girls in our family host a Grandmother’s Tea.  Many years ago I remember sitting in the lobby of the elementary school my mom worked, glancing at a magazine while chasing a toddler who couldn’t be trusted inside the gym where Jake was playing a BB game. Inside that magazine was a very short article about a family that had a tradition of gathering the special grandmother’s in their life and enjoying an afternoon together.  I tore that page out of the magazine and never looked back.  We just celebrated our 7th annual Grandmother’s Tea!  We spend time together trying different teas (lemonade for the girls), eating fun little appetizers, and creating a craft together.  Most importantly, my girls are learning how valuable it is to be strong young ladies and appreciating the fabulous women that surround them in their lives.  Girls, I hope you always carry on this tradition!  You are so loved!


This year it was my sister’s turn to host our tea party…beautiful job Shauna!

Each year I try to put together a gift of a collage card of pictures from the previous year and my girls keep them in their memory boxes.  Generally, I’m down to the wire trying to get this done, so I may have missed a few years!  Mine is currently sitting right here at my desk and it makes me smile.


And this year, we colored for our craft activity.  We quickly discovered that my Grammy is quite gifted at this activity…no one knew she was a closet color-er!

12.28.17 7th Annual Gma's Tea (1).JPG

Drew is 9!

1.15.08 Drew Hospital Pic.jpg

Hard to believe this little guy is 9 already!  He’s actually looking 9 now that his permanent teeth have finally come in!  He is his own little person, has his own ideas and ways of doing things, a lover of sports, PS4, his mini iPad, super stats keeper, and can eat Fritos all day long.  Maybe I should’ve just gotten him Fritos instead of expensive basketball shoes for his birthday!?  He knows what he likes (there was no talking him into a different pair of shoes) and he’s a super dedicated hard-worker so he deserves a splurge every once and awhile!  1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (62).JPG

Plus, these bad boys made Drew have the best basketball game of his life!  12 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 steals.  We aren’t sure if it was him turning 9, the new ‘Champs’ arm sleeve, or those shoes that caused this powerhouse game, but either way, we had an absolute blast watching him!

As most kiddos are, he was very excited for his birthday.  Aunt Jenn has a tradition of bringing donuts…

1.14.17 Drew's 9BDay Donuts.jpg

And the sweet Dearmore’s stopped by to wish Drew a happy one…complete with Fritos of course!1.14.17 Drew9Bday_Dearmores.jpg

The ice storm/icemageddon that was going to cripple the city never happened and every game & practice we had on the schedule for the weekend was called off.  They even moved the Chiefs playoff game and canceled church!  One thing that fake ice storm was not going to cancel was celebrating DREW!!  He requested Fritz’s for lunch (he’s a big fan of cheeseburgers)…

Drew always has a teensy weensy different idea about a birthday party than I do.  But I aim to please, so we had his party at Main Event which is new to the area, all the buzz, and right up his alley.  He invited school friends and family and we were able to celebrate Collin too!  Double fun!

1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (36).JPG
We bowled…Morgan was the top winner

and Lazer Tag was awesome!


and of course plenty of time in the arcade…

These adorable kiddos had the BEST time celebrating and the birthday boy has such wonderful friends and family!  1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (22).JPG

I recycled the Neon theme that Jake requested when he was 8 and I thought it was perfect for this crazy casino-like venue 😉

1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (9).JPG

1-16-17-drews-9th-bday-party_main-event-171-16-17-drews-9th-bday-party_main-event-251-16-17-drews-9th-bday-party_main-event-301-16-17-drews-9th-bday-party_main-event-461.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (52).JPG1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (54).JPG1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (55).JPG1.16.17 Drew's 9th Bday Party_Main Event (66).JPG

Now this lucky bday boy has bunches of gift cards that he is excited to spend and received everything he wanted on his wish list!  Can’t get much better than that!  Check out all the photos on Shutterfly:  pix.sfly.com/dVKwDu09

Since they called off school when we were originally planning to take him lunch…we decided to spoil him with two days of lunch visitors!

We have a tradition of eating Burger King on his birthday because we joke that he was almost born there!  The story is…I was scheduled to be induced the next morning so we let the kids choose where we would have our last meal out as a family of 4.  Jake chose “King Burger” as he called it at that time.  We went there to eat, threw coins in the fountain (yes the one on 119th & Strang Line Rd. has one inside) and I just wasn’t feeling well.  I thought maybe it was nerves but very shortly thereafter, Drew was born at 8:26pm at Olathe Medical Center.  My BFF, Lisa (Lee), was scheduled to be induced on January 15th as well and everything happened right as planned for her!  So these two little precious bundles were born a few doors down from each other 15 hours apart.  Happy Birthday Drew & Will!

that’s Drew on the left just in case you need a little newborn translation!


Rough Day


  • Manchester Park Playground 1
  • Hard Futsal Ball 1
  • Conley Kids 0

This is the way we are summarizing our day yesterday!  It’s never good when you see the school phone number pop up on your cell phone in the middle of the day.  Especially when it’s the school nurse.  After a lengthy conversation with Bev (the nurse) I discovered that Reece was playing tag on the playground and was pushed down hard to the concrete with nothing to break her fall (her hands were in her pockets).  Well, actually her face broke her fall!  She had a giant goose-egg on her forehead, a bloody, scraped up,and swollen nose and a crowd of people around her worried, including the principal.  She passed all the neurological tests and it appears her nose isn’t broken.  Wow, that is NOT a fun day on the playground!  This little gal is brave and tough because she made it through the rest of the school day, 2 hours of gymnastics training, and watching her brother’s futsal game. Speaking of Futsal game, Jake took a hard ball to the face and ended up with a bit of a shiner.  He’s tough too because he kept playing like a champ.  There’s no stopping this guy in the heat of game!  And now it seems the only thing Reece is worried about is how she is going to look in pictures at my sisters birthday party this weekend.  She said she could just hide it with a bow…whoa where can we find a bow the size of her entire face!?  If anyone can pull off a scraped up face, it’s you Reecie Pie!

To cheer up this little cutie, Brian is back in town and surprised her by bringing her Subway for lunch (her favorite!).  We told Brian he is no longer allowed to do selfies because he’s not good at it but you can’t resist this toothless grin!  Reece has managed to lose two teeth in the last week (unrelated to the playground incident)!


translation: I got a tooth necklace


And this has nothing to do with anything except that it relates to Reece and Jennifer happened to text this photo to me today.   I cannot resist putting this in…she took this picture of Reece several years ago when Brian and I were out of town.  They actually let her dress this way and went out in public!!  Can you believe this!?  Do we need to put something in the babysitting plan that prohibits this kind of attire!?  ha!



Shauna Spa

Each year we try to pack way too much into the holiday break!  One thing that Reece and Morgan will not let fall through the cracks is Shauna Spa.  This spa opens up for one day and one day only in my sister’s master bathroom.  The accommodations are sub-par and we have to bring our own supplies so we aren’t sure why this is such a desired activity!  ha!  Totally kidding Shauna!  Part of the fun is teasing her about how many toiletries she has but we are still wondering when she might get the jets fixed on her tub!?  The company is fabulous and I can’t think of a better way to start my new year than with my favorite girls! The Shauna Spa sign was created by Morgan many years ago and we can’t get rid of it!  It’s charming, isn’t it!?


We took this photo with my new Apple Watch capabilities!  Scott deserted us to go watch football so we had to get technical 😉


What…I thought cell phones were not allowed in Spa’s?  It’s supposed to be a relaxing escape!  Apparently the rules are a little relaxed!!


Reece might be the hardest worker at the spa!  Reecie, next year you might get a tip!