Shauna Spa

Each year we try to pack way too much into the holiday break!  One thing that Reece and Morgan will not let fall through the cracks is Shauna Spa.  This spa opens up for one day and one day only in my sister’s master bathroom.  The accommodations are sub-par and we have to bring our own supplies so we aren’t sure why this is such a desired activity!  ha!  Totally kidding Shauna!  Part of the fun is teasing her about how many toiletries she has but we are still wondering when she might get the jets fixed on her tub!?  The company is fabulous and I can’t think of a better way to start my new year than with my favorite girls! The Shauna Spa sign was created by Morgan many years ago and we can’t get rid of it!  It’s charming, isn’t it!?


We took this photo with my new Apple Watch capabilities!  Scott deserted us to go watch football so we had to get technical 😉


What…I thought cell phones were not allowed in Spa’s?  It’s supposed to be a relaxing escape!  Apparently the rules are a little relaxed!!


Reece might be the hardest worker at the spa!  Reecie, next year you might get a tip!

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