GO FISH! A 3rd Grade Musical

1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (3)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (4)January 29th could not get here quick enough!  Reece was so excited for her 3rd grade musical that she pretty much recited lines, sang songs, and told me about every classmates part, every waking moment (between tumbling passes in our family room, of course!).  Reece was so committed to this performance!  And apparently I was committed too when she came home with a bag of material I was supposed to make into fish costumes!  Somewhere along the line I signed up to volunteer for that.  But, the problem is, I don’t know how to sew.  That’s when my mom steps in to save the day!  Moms are great at doing that.  Thank you, Nanny/Mom, for saving the Manchester Park 3rd Grade Musical!

1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical.jpg
Reece in character – Tina Tiger Shark!

It was an adorable performance and Morgan (my stand-in photographer) got some great shots.  Reece had quite a few speaking parts and you better believe she knew those lines like the back of her hand!  And if her classmates weren’t doing what they were supposed to do, you know she was correcting them.  Yikes!

As always, there was a lot of family support and it was nearly standing room only.  There was NO WAY I was letting her siblings get out of attending this performance we have all been hearing about for weeks!1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (1).jpgThese little 3rd graders worked really hard rehearsing and memorizing lines and they did an awesome job!
1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (13)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (14)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (19)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (26)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (27)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (28)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (29)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (30)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (33)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (37)1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (41)

I don’t know, but this girl might have a future in show biz!

1.29.19 Reece 3GR Musical_Go Fish (43)

It’s always better in person, but here are the YouTube clips if you missed this legendary performance!!

Reece’s 3rd Grade Bible & Jake’s Dallas Soccer Tourney (Micheal Brown Winter Classic 2019)

After a plan for our family to go to Dallas for the weekend for Jake’s soccer tournament, we had to scrap the idea.  Why in the world would we think we would be free to be together all 6 of us at once!?  All of the sudden, we had mandatory gymnastics pictures, a couple of BB games, and most importantly, Reece was scheduled to get her Bible at church that Sunday.  As a family, we are learning to be flexible!  As Jake and Brian caught a flight to Dallas, I was holding down the fort here in KC.  But, by the looks of it, I really got the short end of the stick!  Look at these hot rods….eating massive amounts of cheeseburgers, touring stadiums, joy riding in a sports car, taking in Jake’s first NBA game, playing Fortnite, and enjoying time with friends (even an old teammate that now lives in TX came by to catch up), playing soccer in the nice weather is the best!

Even after a knee injury in his basketball game the night before they were scheduled to fly out, there was no chance Jake was going to miss this tournament with his teammates.  The results didn’t come out the way they wanted but from what I hear, Jake played his heart out and made some great memories along the way.  They were missed!

Back here in KC, we got our little gal all dressed up cute to get her first, and very own Bible!1.27.19 Reece 3GR Bible_GUMC (1).jpgThis is a very exciting time and I hope she finds a way to keep it forever!  Although, she is a bit of a mess – it’s a wonder she keeps track of anything really.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses!  look at all of this stuff she keeps in her twin size bed!!2.10.19 Reece bed time.jpg

1.27.19 Reece 3GR Bible_GUMC (8)We are so happy for you Reece!


Wow.  Sometimes I just really fall off the wagon on my journal writing.  I really don’t mean to.  I have a list of things I want to write about that haunts me every single day.  But somehow we are ALWAYS busy.  For one thing, it’s basketball season, peeps.  That means my butt is sitting on a bleacher for hours, multiple times a week.  And I LOVE IT (minus the sore butt part).  And let’s see, for some reason we are living on a glacier right now.  If it’s not a blizzard, it’s an ice storm, or the temps are so low we apparently can’t be outside.  They cancel school if someone even mentions the word precipitation or just breathes wrong.  My kids have been home a lot, which I LOVE.  It’s the best excuse to goof off.  But it also means I don’t get to write or accomplish much of anything really.1.12.19 pretty snow! (4)

1.12.19 Making a perfect snowman (1)
Making an AWESOME Snowman
1.13.19 So much Snow! (1)
snow forts and snowballs
2.7.19 Making Valentines (1)
making valentine boxes and class valentines

2.7.19 Making Valentines (2)

2.7.19 Making Valentines (7)
eating candy (of course!!)

2.7.19 Making Valentines (8)

2.7.19 Snow Day_Freddys
working out, shooting hoops, & soccer training for 2 hours with friends and following it up with cheesburgers and french fries.  It’s perfect!
2.8.19 Reece Val Cookies
Making Valentine cookies on a whim…these are the best days!

Ok, enough jacking around.  Back to hoops.  All 4 of my babes are playing of course and we are having a blast.  I’ll start with my MVP, Drewy.  This kiddo LOVES basketball and all the sudden he just made a conscious decision to ROCK IT.  Too bad we are now at the end of the season when he’s really hit his stride.  Over the weekend he had 3 games and scored a total of close to 60 points (31 in one game!!), a bunch of assists, steals, rebounds, and 3-pointers.  I’m not a stat-keeper type of person, but my jaw was on the floor when I saw this little guy acting like he was playing pro basketball.  I don’t even have one action shot to share or even one video.  Boo for me on that!  Luckily, my sweet nephew Collin got to witness it, Jake, Reece, Gma & Gpa.  He was getting high fives from every coach, parent, and even people from the opposing side.  He said multiple times afterwards, “mom, I feel like I’m in a dream right now!”  Hey, I say bask in the glory, buddy!IMG_6038

Collin, you’re welcome to attend any Conley games – you’re our good luck charm and we just love hanging out with you!

I do have a few pics from the season, so I am actually not a total failure!1.26.19 Drew 5GR Elite BB (1)1.26.19 Drew 5GR Elite BB (2)1.26.19 Drew 5GR Elite BB (3)1.26.19 Drew 5GR Elite BB (7)1.26.19 Drew 5GR Elite BB (8)1.26.19 Drew 5GR Elite BB (10)Back in October, on one of our many car rides together, we were discussing jobs and working parents, etc.  Drew said “I’m never going to get to see my kids.”  I said, “why not?”  He said, “well I’m going to be playing in the NBA and I don’t think they get to see their kids very much. But they will come to all my games because I’ll give them free tickets.”  He asked me, “don’t you think they probably give free tickets to the players families?”  I said, “yep I bet they do!”  Gotta love these little conversations with kids. It’s the cutest!  Drewy, even if you don’t get free tickets, you can do anything you set your mind to, I’m certain of that!

Moving on to Jakers.  His primary team has been the Panthers and I’ve included them in my posts from time to time.  They are a very talented team.  Small but mighty in a lot of cases.

12.23.18 J Xmas Jubilee Champs.jpg
Christmas Jubilee Champions! Dec 2018 (their final games together for now)

The time has come for these boys to try out for their respective middle school teams and take a break from Panthers BB.  This is always stressful…you know…only a handful of spots for a whole lot of boys that want to represent their school.  Jake worked really hard preparing for tryouts and every day I would sit outside the school with a stomach in knots waiting for him to come out with a “yes I made it to the next round of tryouts” or a look of devastation.  Sounds dramatic, I know.  But in the mind of a 13 year old, 7th grade boy, it really is quite a big deal.  Happy to report he made the squad and is really enjoying the experience.

2.5.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB1.29.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB Pgm.jpg

1.22.19 Reece.Stella R_BB Sisters.jpg
Stella Robinson & Reece, Basketball sisters 😉

The first game was an away game at Oregon Trail and Jake was SO excited and undoubtedly full of nerves too.  They lost in the final moments by 3 points in a gym completely full of excited fans ready to kick off the season.1.10.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st game (4)

1.10.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st game (10)
tempers were flaring a little bit here…they take these games very seriously

1.10.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st game (12)


1.10.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st game (1).JPG
Of course a look of disappointment due to the very close loss but love the smiles from a supportive big sis!

Home games require them to dress up and there is nothing more handsome!  Dressed head to toe in men-sized clothing now, my guy is looking sharp!1.22.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st home gameand also becoming a master at tying ties!2.4.19 Jake PRT BB Home Game.JPG

1.22.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st home game (12)1.22.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st home game (14)1.22.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st home game (16)1.22.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB_1st home game (17)1.29.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB (3)1.31.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB vs MT (8)1.31.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB vs MT (9)2.4.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB vs OT (3)2.4.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB vs OT (4)2.4.19 Jake 7GR PRT BB vs OT (11)Jake, if anyone can rock some watermelon socks during a basketball game, it’s YOU bud!  So proud of all you’ve accomplished this season – even with a couple of injuries.

Let’s move on to the girls!  Don’t let this skinny, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, little 8 year old girl fool you!  She’s a beast on the court.1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (4)1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (5)1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (6)1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (7)1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (8)1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (9)1.25.19 Reece 3GR Pink Thunder BB (10)And even though the scores sometimes end up 6-2, it’s a blast to watch!  You can’t help but root for Pink Thunder-they’re just plain adorable!

Morgan decided to pull out another year on the Olathe Northwest basketball team and is having so much fun (most of the time).  Being in the gym at 5:50 am sometimes can throw you into a tizzy but Morgan handles everything like a champ. She actually prefers morning practice to free up her evenings for homework.  That’s my girl!  And there is no question that she has a fan club!  My dad, aka “Papa” is a regular  visitor to every high school gym in the area.  Superfan!

1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (2).jpg
what!?  My sister and Scott are at a game!?  What is going on here?  Must be a slow week for entertainment.  Just kidding!  We love it whenever they make an appearance!

12.14.18 Shooting Stars Reunion (1)Morgan has been playing with my cousins daughter, Andie, who moved into the area so her dad can be the head football coach at Olathe Northwest.  Strange coincidence, but I absolutely love it!  You can commonly find me huddled up in the stands with Katy, my cousin, discussing everything under the sun and laughing about who knows what!?  She’s one of my favorite peeps!  And everyone loves Aaron, he even hooks me up with ONW spirit wear.  We pretend like I’m a coaches wife so I can get swag.  Thank you Aaron!  Happy they moved to KC.

12.5.18 Mo Sophomore ONW BB (1).JPEG
Andie (ONW Freshman) . MoMo ONW Sophomore

These two cutie pies killed it their first game – both of them putting up double digits.  Go Girls!  It’s rarely serious basketball and we get a kick out of the atrocious uniforms that make even a supermodel look horrible and the occasional fall on the court with no ball or opponent in sight.  Morgan entertains us with a steady job of keeping all the shooting shirts in a nice, tidy, folded up pile on the bench.  I love a kid that likes to keep things in order!  She laughs a lot, cheers on her teammates, you commonly see her gesturing what she thinks the ref calls should be, she’s an absolute joy, and the Ravens are lucky to have her!  Raven Pride.12.5.18 Morgan 10GR BB ONW12.5.18 Morgan 10GR BB ONW1When I found out that the C-team never gets their lockers decorated for games, I quickly jumped at the chance to coordinate some decorations.  These girls deserve it too!  And, let’s face it, I love arts and crafts!12.13.18 ONW BB Locker Decorations (1)12.13.18 ONW BB Locker Decorations (2)

1.8.19 Mo ONW BB (4)1.8.19 Mo ONW BB (1)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (8)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (9)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (10)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (13)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (14)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (15)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (16)1.11.19 Morgan ONW BB_10GR (17)Recently Morgan had another double digit game!  Thatta girl!!

Before long I’ll be bombarding this journal with soccer and baseball pics, but for now I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks of BB season.  Banquets are right around the corner, and let’s hope I can keep it together and not cry this time.  Remember last year when I kept tearing up at Morgan’s banquet over girls and coaches I never even knew or spoke a word to all season!?  I’m stuffing my purse with kleenex just in case 😉






Drew is 11!

Ok not officially 11 until 8:26 pm, at which time he will be chomping down on his 2nd cheeseburger for the day.  He loves cheeseburgers!  And we let him eat as many as he wants, because well, look at him, he’s small.  He may be on the smaller side, but his heart is huge.  He’s kind, generous, a loyal sibling, son, & friend, and the best snuggle-er around!  He’s “dope” “dawg.”  Ok, that’s an inside joke from Morgan’s friends who always meet Drew and love him right away.  He’s irresistable!

Having a birthday in January is not always easy.  If it’s not and ice storm, it’s a blizzard, and we have learned to roll with it!  Actually, this snow storm has been breathtakingly beautiful!  Here’s he is, rolling out on his bus this morning, with birthday treats in hand.  Made with love by his oldest sister (and probably his favorite at the moment).  Sorry Reece, your time is coming, and the two of you will eventually be besties.

Can you even get over how perfect our snowman is!?  AMAZING!

Morgan . Liv Stowell . Reece . Max Stowell

Yesterday we took time out from the snow and the Chiefs playoffs euphoria to celebrate with Drew and my sweet nephew, Collin.  Topgolf was our destination, and we had an absolute blast celebrating with friends and family.  Who can’t have fun at that amazing place with these two cutie pies!?IMG_5702.JPG And BONUS – they have heated seat cushions on their couches!  Whoever came up with that idea is an absolute genius and I want that set up in my back yard, pronto!img_7617img_7623img_7643

and lots of golf skills here…

It may be snowy and cold but this crew knows how to have a great time!

Drewy, you are so loved! We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you will do this coming year!

Aunt Jenn is still rollin’ around on a scooter due to a broken ankle so the famous bday donut delivery will have to come another time.  However, Morgan will not let up on taunting Shauna with the injectable donut holes at Topgolf.  She absolutely HATES anything sticky!img_7657Drew got so many thoughtful gifts for his birthday and also some cash!  We’re hoping he’ll stash some of that away for the future!

But my favorite memory from this birthday is Drew telling me last night that he doesn’t really want to grow up because he wants to stay home with me.  I mean what mom would not want to hear that!?  He said when he goes off to college he is going to come home as often as he can to see us.  I’m regretting not getting that on video!  Undoubtedly, I’m going to need proof of that at a later time!  because the teenage years will be here before we know it and he may never have a recollection of saying that!

Happy double double birthday Drew Boo!  11 ROCKS!  You’re already hitting that new hybrid golf club like a champ!img_76081.13.19 Drew (52).JPG

Wendy’s 4 for $4 – he’s obsessed!

Somehow I did manage to get a birthday video done!  Hopefully, you can view it here…






Grandmothers Tea 2018

This is one of my very favorite days of the year!  Even though it is the craziest time of year with all of the responsibilities the holidays bring, we take a short break to enjoy some ‘girl time.’  My girls and I started this tradition years ago to honor the extraordinary women in our family…the grandmothers!12.23.18 Gmas Tea (4).jpgReece always puts on a fancy dress and grabs one of her American Girl dolls to join the party and we rotate each year on the hosting duties.  This year my sister got the honors because, well,  Aunt Jenn is slightly injured!  Look at these two…12.23.18 Gmas Tea (3).jpgShauna’s house is very ‘scooter friendly,’ but come on girls, we need to pull it together!

Admittedly, Shauna is not a fan of cooking, but she really treated us well…12.23.18 Gmas Tea (1)I always create a little photo memory from the past years’ tea party…hoping they make it out for display or at least in a memory box.12.23.18 Gmas Tea (2)We have so much fun just chatting & drinking tea – Morgan keeps trying to like tea but it’s still not working!  So, it’s lemonade for them.  Then we always do a craft together.  This years was awesome…we made these adorable candle holders!12.23.18 Gmas Tea_CraftMorgan helped Shauna pull the craft together – let’s be honest here, she runs the show for everybody, including my sister!

I LOVE these ladies to pieces and I hope my girls always have a strong woman to look up to, to learn from, and to have fun with.  Girl Power!

Reece-Pinnacle Pacer 2019

It’s gymnastics meet season again!  These little gymnasts work so hard all year for this (level 3’s train 7.5 hours a week and it just goes up from there).  EEK – that’s a lot of pressure!  But for some reason, they love it and I’m just going along for the ride.IMG_7350Reece takes her gymnastics very seriously so I’ve learned that when I get her into the venue, just walk away and do not talk to her again until we’re home.  I’m not making this up – she is intense!

I’m happy to report that she had one of her best meets yet! Her personal best on floor (9.2) and bars (9.4) and all-around (36.7).  Way to rock it Reecie!

2nd place all-around 36.7

Her first event was beam.  She bobbled and fell which I’ve never seen her do.  It happens though, more than you think.IMG_7352IMG_7353IMG_7354IMG_7355She worked so hard and scored high on the rest of her events.  We could not be more proud of her for not letting it impact the rest of her meet.  That’s grit.

this is the only picture I have from floor exercise because I sort of didn’t realize it was her turn – oops!


she almost always scores high on vault because she’s fast!  this girl can RUN! 9.4
Bars is her favorite event and also the most difficult.  I love this picture because I can actually see that she’s having fun!
Look at her sweet teammates watching her!  Ugh I would hate having so many eyes on me


Reece, you’re a rock star.  This is a great start to the season and we are so excited to watch you!IMG_5296Congratulations KGDC Twisters on a 1st place finish!IMG_5297

Drew’s 1st Band Concert

I really shouldn’t say this, but I didn’t have high hopes for Drew playing the clarinet.  When he came home and said he thought he had made a mistake choosing to play the clarinet because he didn’t “have enough breath” that was my first clue!  You can see what I mean right here in this video clip I took of him at home practicing…

They had their first concert at school and played again in the evening for parents and guests.IMG_5140IMG_5143His breath must be flowing a little better because he’s actually pretty good!  Way to persevere Drewy!IMG_5243Check out his face…he looks like he’s going to combust at any moment.  His face was so red!IMG_5247.jpgAre there exercises for strengthening your breath?  I think you’ve got this Drew…keep up the great work!IMG_5249IMG_5330.jpg