I could not be more proud of this young lady right now!  On Tuesday, she was asked to play in the JV League Championship tournament at Smiley’s.  It’s a mix of emotions for her.  She is a Freshman, a beginner golfer, absolutely petrified of missing school, and never played a round of 18 holes in her life!  I can only imagine how scary all of this can be, but what an honor to be asked to come out and play!  I am truly in awe of her courage.IMG_92039.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's Tourney (7)9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's Tourney (6)9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's Tourney (8)I was able to watch several holes but couldn’t stay for the entire day as I’m in the throws of creating a birthday party for Jake.  You know how that goes for me…always in over my head and praying for more time.  The holes I did watch, she was absolutely killing it.  In fact, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.  She was out there with high school Juniors and hanging right in with them.  The weather was a little interesting so she was taking her jacket on and off throughout the day.9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's Tourney (1).JPG9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's Tourney (4).JPG20170926_131923.jpgWhen she called me on the way home to deliver the news that she came in 6th place out of 55 girls and the ONW team took 2nd overall, I almost fell out of my chair!  All I could think is…what in the gosh dang heck is going on here!?  Not that I don’t believe in her BUT, that’s going above and beyond anyone’s expectations!  She got two medals!!9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (8)9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (11).jpgHere are the score sheets…9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (5)9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (6)9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (7)And a shout out from her coach…IMG_9202.PNG


What an awesome day for Morgan.  SO HAPPY FOR YOU BABY GIRL!  I’d say that was well worth the day missed of school!  And thank you Chris for apparently teaching Morgan a thing or two about golf!

9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (1)
Morgan (6th Place) and Katie Gleason (2nd Place)

9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (13)9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's_6th Place (12)The next morning I got a very early text asking if Morgan could play in the Varsity tournament that morning in Lawrence and she would need to leave immediately.  WHAT!?  I’d only had a few hours of sleep so I had to re-read that one a few times.  Ok so a girl was sick and they needed another player, but the fact that they even thought of Morgan makes me so happy for her!  It took Jake about .2 seconds to say he would GLADLY take her place ;).  Sorry Jake, you’re only 11 and you’re not a lady.  Morgan absolutely said no way she could miss another day of school and they understood!

That evening we checked our golf app and there she was slated to play in a JV tournament on Thursday!IMG_9201.PNGCan you imagine potentially missing 3 days of school for golf?  Sounds  absolutely glorious, right Jake!?  Well, when you’re in high school the work load is very intense, and in fact Morgan was so overwhelmed she was tearing up.  That’s a lot of pressure to put on a new high schooler and I truly appreciate her commitment to academics.  Not only that, she can’t find her sand wedge and that’s throwing her into a tizzy.  Needless to say, she pulled it together and we left after 4th hour today to go to Heritage Golf Course.  This one was a 9 hole scramble format.  Her team had it’s moments of greatness and many moments of not so great!  That’s the brutal reality of the sport of golf.

Heritage Golf Course

IMG_9200What I adore about this sweet girl is she always has fun and most often you see her with that beautiful smile on her face!

9.26.17 Morgan JV Smiley's Tourney (9)
Morgan – JV Sunflower Championships, Smiley’s golf course

COULDN’T BE MORE PROUD OF YOU MOMO!!  You are one super cool Freshman high school girl!


Above and Beyond – ONW Homecoming

img_9172.jpgSomehow I have been hurled head first into the world of High School.  I’d like to crawl back into my minivan with carseats and playdates.  But, if I have to face this, I guess being the driver for Homecoming is not so bad.  In fact, I had a blast!  I don’t know how they expect us to cope with all this right at the start of school…Homecoming already!?

I can’t believe all the planning that goes into this.  Once you take a sigh of relief that your child has been asked to the dance then you have to buy tickets, get a dress, shoes, hair, nails & makeup appointments, order a boutonniere, accessories and hope and pray they don’t change their minds about wanting to go.  I spent more on accessories than I did on the dress!  Thankfully Aunt Shauna had a pair of shoes in her closet that were absolutely perfect.  Score!  There was only one purse that Morgan liked and it’s essential to have a place to put your phone and lip gloss.  Turns out her dress had pockets!  Therefore, a purse really wasn’t necessary, but we didn’t discover the pockets until the day of homecoming.  Good thing we stressed about that.IMG_9169IMG_9171Moms worry about absolutely EVERYTHING…teaching manners,  getting dinner reservations, will they know how to tip, who pays, will they sit with their dates or ditch them to hang with friends, is there an after-party and will any parents be home, should we call the dates’ parents, what’s an appropriate curfew, and do they even know how to dance?  It’s an endless list really and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that has slept very little this past week.  Give me a break – this is my first time doing this as a parent!

Since Morgan’s date, Alex, doesn’t go to her school he had to fill out this super scary form and have it signed by an administrator.  We realized he forgot to sign the bottom and we were too embarrassed to give it back to him to sign so we called in Jake to sign.  He was practicing his best “Alex Dandy” signature and going through every pen in the house to find one with the same color blue ink.  The pressure got to him so Brian stepped in to illegally sign.  Kids, I don’t ever recommend forging signatures!  But in this case, we figured this was not a life or death situation.9.19.17 Homecoming (1)_LI.jpg9.19.17 Homecoming (2)Morgan’s group of friends had a ‘group chat’ going to work through all the details of the night.  We planned to go to Lake Quivira for pictures because the setting is beautiful and we knew that all the other hot spots would be packed.  There was a slight hiccup when we realized all of these parents that were bringing their kids out to the lake did not get on the guest list successfully at the guard station…oops!  We had to take a pit stop at the gate for awhile while we worked through that.  It was pretty embarrassing for these 14 year olds with nerves skyrocketing but we finally made it in and took some beautiful pictures.  Don’t these kids look stunning!?ONWHOCO2017(4).jpg

ONWHOCO2017(1)ONWHOCO2017(10)We met Alex’s parents who were delightful and he said goodbye to his dad who was being deployed overseas for 9 months.  Ugh – that’s a tough one to handle and everyone was really hoping Alex would enjoy his night despite that distraction and the fact that he was going with a group of kids he didn’t know.  What a trooper!  Aren’t they a gorgeous hoco couple!?IMG_5008IMG_5011

Morgan, you’re so beautiful!

After pictures we crammed three couples in Stacey’s van and dropped them off at SPIN pizza for dinner.  The boys were holding the door open for the girls which was a great sign that their parents had spent some time coaching them on going on a date.  Our fear of them sitting at the table on their phones and not talking was put to rest as we walked through quickly to use the restroom and spied for a second.  They looked to be having a wonderful time!  Most of them ordered kids meals…too funny!


IMG_5036IMG_5034After their dinner was complete, we got back in Stacey’s freshly detailed and cleaned minivan to drop them at the dance.  Somehow they were not embarrassed that we pulled up front and center to let them out.

We purposely didn’t place Alex in the back since he’s extremely tall.

There was a big white tent entrance with decorations, candy tables, cotton candy, shaved ice, photo booth, DJ, and lots of dancing…none of them slow danced though!  Too embarrassing and awkward I guess!?  Stacey and I went back to our house to eat some dinner and discuss every little detail of the night thus far.  Then we stopped by another friends house to check out her post-hoco party preparations.  Before we knew it, it was already 11PM and we were back at the school watching all the kids come out of the dance.  It’s the best entertainment!9.23.17 HOCO Photo Booth.jpgBy 11:30 we were in the driveway of Will Brock’s house nearby where they were having an after party.  The girls changed into their tank tops and nike running shorts and ditched the heels to go play pool and ping pong in his basement.  We sent them with snacks and prayed they didn’t do anything stupid.  By 1am, after Stacey and I had roamed every neighborhood passing time and cracking up, we were back to pick them up and get the full low-down.  From all accounts it seemed like Homecoming 2017 was a success!ONWHOCO2017(14).jpgONWHOCO2017(15).jpgAbout 4 hours later our alarms were going off to get out the door for 7:30 a.m. soccer games – ugh what an unfortunate game time after a very late night!

9.24.17 Reece at early soccer game!
The whole crew had to get up for the early games…you can see Reece is thrilled.

Needless to say, Morgan and I both took a nap later in the day.  Word of advice to all High School soccer coaches…don’t enter into a tournament on the weekend of homecoming!  Much to her dismay, Morgan missed the hoco football game Friday night to play soccer and then had to skip her soccer game Saturday night for the dance.  It was well worth the skip.  These kids are great fun and awesome memories were created.  Thumbs up for Homecoming 2017!ONWHOCO2017(16)ONWHOCO2017(20).jpgIMG_9178.PNG20170923_184117_HDR

9.23.17 Brian's Homecoming Dates!.jpg
These were Brian’s Homecoming dates for the evening…eating at LQ Country Club


Whew!  So happy I made it through my first Homecoming!



Jake’s XC Season Ends

9.19.17 Jake 6GR XC Meet @ FT
Prairie Trail Middle School Cross Country Team (6,7,8 grades)

We are already at the end of cross country season.  It’s short!  Jake ended up loving it and doing really well.  There were a total of 3 meets and he finished 2nd, 1st, & 3rd.  I’d call that a success!

9.19.17 Jake 6GR XC Meet @ FT (2)
Look at that face! love the grit. 1st place finish at Frontier Trail Middle School…woo hoo!

9.19.17 Jake 6GR XC Meet @ FT (3)9.19.17 Jake 6GR XC Meet @ FT (4)Yesterday was the final meet of the season – the All City Meet at Johnson County Community College first thing in the morning.  This includes runners from all 9 Olathe Area Middle Schools and that is a whole lot of kids!9.23.17 Jake ALL CITY XC Track Meet_JCCC (1).JPGThis is very close to the start of the race and Jake is in the orange shoes again…9.23.17 Jake ALL CITY XC Track Meet_JCCC (2).JPGHere he is at the finish and pushes past his good buddy, Jake Robinson, to come in 3rd place out of 140 runners!9.23.17 Jake ALL CITY XC Track Meet_JCCC (4).JPG9.23.17 Jake ALL CITY XC Track Meet_JCCC (5)We are so very proud of you Jake!  We love that you tried something new and had such success in the process!

9.23.17 Jake's ALL CITY XC Medal.JPG
This is Jake’s medal…in the All City Meet, the top 10 finishers received medals.

Right after this incredible effort,  he invited himself to breakfast with Nanny & Papa and then competed in an intense soccer tourney game.  I don’t know how these kiddos have all this energy!  Maybe it’s the smoothies and pancakes!?IMG_9167.JPG9.23.17 Jake U13 D1 CSI Tourney OP (7)9.23.17 Jake U13 D1 CSI Tourney OP (10)9.23.17 Jake U13 D1 CSI Tourney OP (12)Not so successful in the soccer arena this weekend.  Boo.  We had 3 kids playing in the CSI soccer tourney, 9 games, and 9 losses.  Whew…I’m glad that’s over!  Better luck next time!

Morgan is on the ONW golf team!

9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (25)Somehow we managed to get Morgan to her high school golf team tryout on a whim.  We figured it couldn’t hurt.  She’s a beginner and might prefer to drive the golf cart than play, but if nothing else she would make some friends and look adorable in golf gear!9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (7)It’s very difficult to show up at a golf course with perfect strangers that play high school golf and try to fit in to the pack.  Who knows, some could be heading to college on a golf scholarship and some could be Freshman like Morgan trying to see how they stack up.  In either case, it’s completely nerve-wracking and I couldn’t be more proud of her for handling it with ease.  I think I’ve said this before, but if I haven’t, I’m saying it again…I’m totally envious of Morgan’s ability to adapt in high-anxiety situations!As it turns out, everybody made the team!  YAY!  There are several upper-classman that will be moving on after this season, so the coach needs to get her team staffed up.  I’ll take it…anytime I don’t have to agonize over a sports tryout, I’m in!

8.23.17 MORGAN made the ONW golf team (3).JPG
This is Morgan walking to my car from the tryout…apparently in disbelief that she just made the high school golf team!
8.23.17 MORGAN made the ONW golf team (2)
I’m notorious for buying gifts for every occasion.  I should probably get a higher paying job to support this habit 😉

So here we are one month into Morgan’s Freshman year and she’s been at golf practice every day after school and two days a week, going from golf to soccer.  None of this includes driving a golf cart and she’s still hanging in there!9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (3)We are learning as we go along here that there are Varsity and JV tournaments each week and you have to qualify to participate.  We didn’t have any expectations of Morgan making a tournament but low and behold, she did!9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (1).PNG

All of the information about this golf team is posted through an app on our phones of course.  When I saw her name posted at 11pm Monday night this past week,  I immediately ran into her room to wake her up to tell her!  Who am I kidding, she wasn’t sleeping…she was secretly watching Netflix in her bed.


Both of us were in a state of disbelief and her nerves really kicked in.  Keep in mind, this is also the week of Homecoming and this tournament will require her to miss an entire day of school.  We weren’t sure how she would get dismissed, where to go, how to get her clubs, etc.  I don’t think it’s common to hop on the school bus with a set of golf clubs and where would she put them once she got to school!?  She’s the only Freshman playing, so these little details are not things we are familiar with yet!  Her nerves were so bad, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to play!  Yikes!

Obviously she came to her senses and ended up having a great day on the course. She and her partner played in the Alternate Shot division, which is one of the hardest formats to play, and turned up in 5th place!   The ONW JV team (6 girls in total) ended in 4th Place and ONW Varsity & JV combined got 3rd place out of 24 schools!  That’s pretty awesome!

9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (41)

9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (4).JPGShe really looked like she was having fun out there.  I love it!9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (5)9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (6)9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (10)9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (16)

Morgan, you really impressed us!!  I loved every single minute watching you play!  And seriously, could you be any cuter!?  Congratulations on qualifying for and competing in your first high school JV golf tournament!  WE LOVE YOU!9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (29).JPG

9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (31).JPG
Way to go Lady Ravens JV golf team!

Nanny and Papa joined us to watch as well.  Anything that involves golf and these two come running…

9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (30).JPG

Those are really good results out of all those golfers!!  Look at all of them…


9.20.17 Morgan ONW JV Tourney_OP (35)

These are the JV results.  4th place overall and 5th place in the Alternate Shot format.  WOW!
These are the overall results (JV & Varsity).  3rd Place overall finish for ONW!


Lake Quivira Jr Golf

While I’m on the subject of golf, I should not gloss over that Jake and Drew played in the Lake Quivira Club Championship and took 1st and 2nd place!  Job well done guys!7.21.17 J&D LQ Club Championship (5).jpgJake was chosen to play on the LQ All Star team for the 2nd year in a row!  It came down to the wire in the final round with a playoff hole and chip off which would have allowed them the opportunity to go to Oklahoma for the finals.  It was so exciting…all the parents and siblings were a ball of nerves!  I can’t even imagine what the players were feeling.  We were almost headed to OK!  What a fun season!8.13.17 Jake All Star Finals (2)8.13.17 Jake All Star Finals (4)8.13.17 Jake All Star Finals (5)8.13.17 Jake All Star Finals (8)8.13.17 Jake All Star Finals (9)And just a few weeks before he made $330 cleaning clubs at the LQ Member Guest Tournament.  Now that’s just awesome!  For Jake, that’s about 2 pairs of tennis shoes 😉 7.15.17 Jake $330 LQ Club Cleaning Earnings!.jpg

Overland Park Jr. Golf Tournament 2017

8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (8).jpgLast year I remember being much better at keeping everyone up to date on the OP golf tournament the boys compete in each summer, I think I even gave a daily report.  This time, all of the details I was excited to share have left my brain and it’s only been a month since the event!  oops!

At the age of 11 you can choose to compete in the Par 3 division or play in the 9-hole division.  Of course Jake wanted to bump up to the 9-hole course and he would hop right on the PGA tour if he could.  A kid can dream, can’t he!?  There are several phenomenal players that come out for these tournaments and I’m so proud to report that Jake was sticking right in there with them.  He made it into the championship flight and was thrilled to be teeing off with the best of the bunch.  Even though it is hard to clinch in close to their scores, he handled the pressure with ease and was just so happy to be a part of it.

8.9.17 Jake OP Golf Tourney_Final round (6)
This is the scoring table of the final round and final group of the championship flight.  Jake, Mason Mullen, Myles Tarvin, & Andrew Fowler.  Andrew Fowler ended up winning the tie breaker in a very exciting chip off!
8.9.17 Jake OP Golf Tourney_Final round (7)
Mason Mullen . Myles Tarvin . Jake Conley
8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (16).JPG
Jake took 4th place!

The bad news is, you cannot watch them!  That’s right, no spectators on the 9 and 18 hole division competitors.  This had my dad in a frenzy and he couldn’t help himself by voicing his opinion to the head pro.  I’m just hoping we aren’t blacklisted for next year.  I’m certain they’ve flagged the Conley boys for having an outspoken Papa. Here are the few photos I did capture from afar…

8.8.17 Jake OP Golf Tourney_Day2 (1)
Day 2
8.8.17 Jake OP Golf Tourney_Day2 (5)
Day 2
8.9.17 Jake OP Golf Tourney_Final round (2)
Day 3 – Final hole
8.9.17 Jake OP Golf Tourney_Final round (4)
Day 3 – Final Hole

8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (9)8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (13)8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (14)Drew had a rough first day on the Par 3 course which put him in the flight below the championship.  He takes it extraordinarily hard, so it was a brutal few hours post-round. Here are a few shots from day 1…8.7.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_day1 (4)8.7.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_day1 (5)

8.7.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_day1 (7)
I mean seriously…why can’t that just drop in!?  Golf is a cruel game sometimes!

He was ready to make up for it the next two days though and played his little heart out, earning himself a 1st place trophy.  You rock Drew!!

8.8.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_Day2 (4)8.8.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_Day2 (7)8.8.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_Day2 (11)On the final day, he was certain a cheeseburger for breakfast would give him all the energy needed to pull off a great round…8.9.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney preround cheeseburger_Final Day.JPG8.9.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_Final Round (6)8.9.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_Final Round (7)8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (10)His final score put him in 6th place overall.  There were a lot of 9 year old players!  That’s something to be very proud of Drewy!8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (24)Of course, Nanny and Papa joined us all three days to support their little golfers and the weather was much more enjoyable this year.  We always have so much fun!8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (21).JPG

8.9.17 OP Golf Tourney Awards (27).JPG

I love this sign, it is certainly very true and I’m so proud of both of you!

8.7.17 Drew OP Golf Tourney_day1 (3).jpg

Reece the cheerleader!

This little gal wants to do EVERYTHING!  In addition to her love of gymnastics, soccer, basketball, golf, snow skiing, swimming, running, bike riding, dancing, singing, and at one time convinced she wanted to do volleyball…she would also love to be a cheerleader!7.21.17 Reece_Lyn OBrien Cheer Camp (7)She has a lot of little 2nd grade friends that do cheer and is sad that she doesn’t have the time to do it.  So, I put her in a week-long camp over the summer to satisfy her somewhat.  There are only so many hobbies you can have, right!?  Next she’ll be knitting, bowling, playing piano, softball and ping pong.  KIDDING!  There’s absolutely no time for anything else, but I can certainly appreciate her willingness to try.  I love that about my kids!  Reece adored this summer camp and at the end of the week, they performed at the T-Bones baseball game.  She was in heaven strutting her stuff!7.21.17 Reece_Lyn OBrien Cheer Camp (6).JPGHer favorite part was the ‘sassy dancing’ she really got into it with the facial expressions!7.21.17 Reece_Cheer Performance TBones Game (10).JPG7.21.17 Reece_Cheer Performance TBones Game (9).JPG7.21.17 Reece_Cheer Performance TBones Game (5).JPG

7.21.17 Reece_Cheer Performance TBones Game (14)
Reece is the 4th one from the left on the bottom holding up her adorable friend, Stella.

We stayed for part of the baseball game and then we had to get home because we were leaving on our family cruise the next morning!  What an exciting week!7.21.17 Reece_Cheer Performance TBones Game (2).JPG

7.21.17 Reece_Cheer Performance TBones Game.JPG
Reece’s friends!  Macy House.Stella Robinson.Lila Ho.Reece