Prairie Trail vs. Oregon Trail

Who on earth can look good in a basketball outfit like this?  These uniforms are the original ones purchased when the school opened and they are ugly and uncomfortable I’m told on a regular basis.  You should see the warm-up sweat suits…whoa…that’s a sight!  Maybe it’s just because I’m her mom, but I think Morgan looks pretty darn cute!  You couldn’t pay me to put that outfit on!


Today I needed to go to Morgan’s school to get her cello for a concert and I happened to be there at the same time as the basketball players were walking out of the school and getting on the bus to their ‘away’ game.  It honestly choked me up!  Those 8th grade girls getting on that bus with their giant bags of gear in their uniforms…it was precious.  I spotted Morgan and I teared up.  MoMo, I know you are going to make fun of me for that!  They are stinkin’ cute and I’m proud of these girls for all the work they put into being student athletes.  They practice everyday after school until 5:30 and many of them eat a granola bar in the car and go straight to soccer practice for another hour or more.  When they finally get home, they generally have a lot of homework and in Morgan’s case, she has an orchestra concert to prepare for!  These ladies are juggling a lot at the age of 13.  Well I’m here to tell you that it does not go unnoticed by me!  I’m your biggest fan and I commend you for what you do each day.  I’m also embarrassed to admit that I circled the school twice trying to catch another glimpse of the BB girls and had a split second feeling that I wanted to follow the bus.  I need help…I know.  Like I said…I’m embarrassed!

Tuesday’s game was at Indian Trail (my alma mater!!) and Morgan cracked me up by saying how OLD the school was!  ha!   Compared to Prairie Trail, it is definitely an older school, but when I went to school there it sure seemed great!  Thursday’s game was at Oregon Trail which is also an older school…you know…the bleachers are actually wood instead of heavy-duty plastic.  I have to say I am really getting a kick out of going to all of these middle schools that I used to cheer at when I was in junior high!  It’s very nostalgic and I swear they are doing the same cheers I learned back then.  I can’t believe I’m a mom of a student playing sports at these schools now.  Why is time passing so quickly!?  It seems like yesterday that I thought I was hot stuff putting on that cheerleading skirt and hanging out with my friends at those schools.

Way to go huskies…a 22-8 win against the Tigers.  It was a slow start…I swear it was 2-2 for almost half the game!  Whew…glad that turned around!  You can see it really caught Reece’s interest..


and Morgan’s too…ha!


Go-Fight-Win Huskies!!


Rock those OLD uniforms girls…See you at the next game!  By the way, Reece is already asking if she can wear a PRT shirt.  Get ready!

Spooktacular 2016


I love music…all types (except country!), I love musicals, symphonies, concerts…all of it! So if you need a date for any of these events…I’m your girl (hint, hint)!  I also love Halloween, so when this Spooktacular concert comes around every October, I’m so excited! The students dress in costumes, they play great music, and compete in a fun costume contest. This year was even better because we could see Morgan play the cello and my nephew Collin play the violin!  Each Prairie Trail grade level (6,7, & 8) played three songs and they are amazing.  I’m serious, these little people are very talented!


Morgan, Reece, and I scurried out of her basketball game at Oregon Trail (a big 22-8 win by the way!), she changed into her costume in the car while Reece slammed down a PB&J for dinner and we arrived at Olathe Northwest high school to save seats front and center.  I’m not sure Reece and I are the best people for this job because it requires us to take more than our fair share of programs to lay over the seats, and push other families off.  We even used Reece’s library books and homework papers to mark the seats.  And to be clear, we are monopolizing the section by saving 16!  Next time I’m taking reinforcements (i.e. Aunt Jenn).

The 8th graders host and judge the costume contest and guess who is a two-time winner now!?  Drum roll please….Morgan “the drink” Conley!!  Woo hoo!!  You deserve this win, MoMo, you were the cutest and most creative homemade costume on that stage!  Check out her win on this super short YouTube video clip…


As Morgan and I were hanging out on the beach together in Turks and Caicos last week, we came up with this costume idea.  Morgan loves strawberry daiquiri’s (minus alcohol of course) and I think she had about 20 on our trip!  So we decided to make this cutie into a tropical drink for Halloween!

IMG_2476.JPGI searched all over town for a large paper umbrella, scrounged up things out of my craft room, and pestered my sister for items and wa-lah… this little strawberry daquiri/pink lemonade/fruit punch girl is so ADORABLE!  I love that it was inspired from an amazing vacation and quality time spent together.  Mo, you are forever my beach partner! img_8413img_8418

Collin was a Royals player and also adorable (Collin, aren’t you a Royals player every Halloween!?)


I love you both to pieces and I can’t wait for your next concert!!  Keep up the hard work because you are very talented.

IMG_2481.JPGThank you awesome family for supporting our little musicians!

And who can forget this!?  Here is a flashback from Morgan’s costume contest win last year…Royals Super Fan!

10.27.15 Morgan 7Gr Hwn Orchestra Concert (1).PNG

And I’m including these YouTube videos specifically for Uncle Scott Schwart who also loves music and orchestra concerts (wink, wink!).  I knew you would want to hear what you missed out on last night…

I’m just joking with you Scotty!

See…these 8th graders are REALLY GOOD!!

Jake’s 11th Birthday Olympics



Today I finally had a chance to look at the 400+ photos taken at Jake’s 11th birthday party! That’s waaaaay too many pictures, but there was a lot that went on the evening of September 30th!  Going through them has made me smile from ear to ear!  Jake is so blessed to have spent a wonderful evening with family and friends.  Ok so lets be honest, there’s a few late nights involved in getting this all together for my sweet boy so I’m really just thrilled that I made it through and everything exceeded my expectations.

The weather was beautiful and we happened to have the day off school so Jake and Drew got to play a round of golf with Dad and Uncle Bob to start out the day!  lucky!  Jake shot one of his best rounds too.  Way to go golfers!  By the way, I was home slaving away kiddos;)20160930_112656.jpg


At 5:30pm the Olympic Games began!  We started out with an opening ceremony with a torch and the athlete parade.  This is the best group of people to do this with…these kiddos love competing!

EVENT 1: Soccer Shootout.  points winner: Jake (we had a few on the DL)



EVENT 2: Javelin (points winners: Aidan & Jackson)


Event 3: Long Jump (points winner: Jackson)


Event 4: Swimming Relay (carrying a water balloon on a spoon while wearing goggles and using your free arm to do a swim stroke)  HILARIOUS!!!



Event 5: Sprint (points winner: Jackson)  These kids are crazy fast runners and it was UPHILL!!  I’m guessing that a few of them were sore the next morning!


Event 6: Putting Contest (Points winners: Jake, Reece, Aidan, & Max)


And our overall winners by a tight margin were…

Bronze : Jackson Mervosh (58 points)

Silver: Aidan Boehmer (62 points)

Gold: Jake Conley Bday Boy (64 points)


Congratulations athletes…all of you were such great sports and absolutely a blast to watch!

Jake received so many nice cards and gifts – anything and everything sports and this 11 year old is a very happy guy (and spoiled rotten)!



I cannot even describe how much fun all of us had (kids and adults!)…this might be my favorite party yet!  Except I think I may say that every time.  I think I’m actually ‘for real’ this time!

Thank you Jake for being awesome and telling me thank you multiple times for all that went in to planning this party.  I enjoyed every minute of it (sleep deprived and burnt from my hot glue gun and all).  I love you so much buddy.  Thank you friends and family for taking time out of your crazy busy schedules to celebrate with our family.  Seriously…a total blast!


We had fun tasting all these chips flavored from other countries that participate in the Olympics!



Watching Jake’s Bday Video



I’m giving my hot glue gun a break and just enjoying going through these memories… Happy Fall everyone!

Steven Delmez


He called me “Carebear” in the deepest gruff voice you’ve ever heard.  He would say hello to me with a gigantic firm hug that would practically knock the wind out of me every single time.  He always greeted Brian with the Sigma Chi handshake and a Miller Lite.  He was my uncle, an outdoors-man, a cowboy, and a dedicated family man.  His presence will be deeply missed and may he rest in peace and no longer suffer.



My New Paradise!

Ok so this is a little overdue because this project has been complete for several weeks now already!  It’s amazing how quickly I get behind on things.  Some of you may know that I had gotten to the point where the decor in my bedroom was literally making me mad on a daily basis.  Ok maybe that’s a little extreme, but I was certainly very tired of it.  We built and moved into our house in November of 2002 and I decorated my room just exactly how I wanted it.  Well, after 14 years, I could not stand one more day of looking at the same stuff in my room.  Thankfully I have a super generous husband that gave me a gift of redecorating the space!  Part of me was a little hesitant to spend a lot of effort and money on a bedroom which visitors never see but honestly, I actually spend a ton of time in here.  Most of the time is spent folding piles of laundry which is almost a full-time job in this household.  We also have a large sitting area that really wasn’t being used.  I made a decision to make it into my office!  So I’m sitting here right now writing this blog and entering in 5,000 soccer games into our family calendar with a giant smile on my face.  I love this newly transformed bedroom, office, and bathroom…it’s amazing.  Apparently everyone else in the family does to because if I ever need to find a child, they are in here hanging out!  Morgan does her homework in here most of the time and I absolutely love that my family wants to be in here now!  So long brown everything….hello bright and beautiful!






Pieces of my favorite artwork my kids made hangs behind me on this gallery wall and I couldn’t be happier!


Thank you Brian and Brooke for making me the happiest person.  I literally can’t wait to come in here each day.


Way to go Huskies!

10.13.16 Mo 1st 8GR BB Game_CT.JPG

Today was Morgan’s 1st 8th grade basketball game!  Prairie Trail played California Trail at CT and won 25-17…way to go Huskies!!  Morgan played really hard and scored 6 points today.  So proud of you MoMo!  What a great way to start the season.

On game days, the girls are supposed to dress up for school and she left the house this morning looking so adorable!  A nice black dress, scarf, boots & jean jacket…you’ll just have to envision this because the bus came before I could get a pic.  Sorry!  Trust me, she looked great.  I may be borrowing her outfit if I need to dress up for something!  It’s such a nice change of pace from the t-shirts, shorts, and athletic-wear that normally rolls out of here in the morning!  Regardless of what she wears, her hair always looks amazing.  She’s totally a perfectionist in the hair department!  I could use a lesson from her.  Actually, I may be a lost cause by now.

Since we have the day off school tomorrow Brian and Morgan rigged up a plan to go downtown to The Beast Haunted House.  I think they are absolutely insane to spend $30 to go into an old building and get scared out of your mind!  I remember going one time when I was young with a group of friends, and I never went back!  You actually couldn’t pay me to go to one of those places!  I was scared just being on the website today buying the tickets!  I had to use the promo code “clownsarescary” to get $5 off per ticket.  Given this weird clown frenzy that is going around the country, I’m not sure if I think that is funny or creepy!?  Either way, I believe this group of girls and dads are going to have a very memorable night!!  Have so much fun!


By the way, you guys need to get home…we have a 6am flight tomorrow!




Go to a Daisy’s meeting.  Check.  I did it Reece, I’ve already delivered on my pinky promise to go to a Daisy’s meeting this school year!  In fact, I was the helper today.  It was super fun too!  We shared our scrapbook pages we did from the fire station field trip last month…


We created new scrapbook pages for our pumpkin patch field trip…


and we decorated pumpkins!   I love Halloween, I love pumpkins, and I love decorating – this is my kind of meeting!  IMG_5598.JPG

Look how great these pumpkins look!  And the best part is we get to take them to a nursing home for the residents to enjoy!  Great job girls!


Getting 13 little 1st grade girl scouts to stay focused after a full school day is not the easiest job in the world I’ve discovered.  It’s sort of like herding cats.   I love you girls but I’m also thankful I’m not your leader.   Oops…did I just say that!?  What I meant to say was, thank you Kim Ho for being an awesome leader! 😉


I actually had a great time this afternoon and I can see myself trying a little harder to come to a few more meetings if my schedule allows.  Thank you Reece for doing such a great job today, listening to directions, and sharing snacks – cheetos, skittles, & juice boxes – best after school snack ever!

Speaking of schedule…I laid down for bed last night and I started going through my plans for today as I usually do.  It really makes your brain hurt and I had to resort to sending my own self an email about what I need to do today.  That’s scary isn’t it!?  May the force be with me today – if I get off schedule one minute a kiddo will be left or dropped off at the wrong place and time.  I even printed this out to share with Jake and Morgan this morning.  They love to know the schedule for the day.  I don’t know if I’m teaching them good habits or hindering them!  Are they going to be completely crazy adults one day!?  I personally hope they stay organized 😉  I need to leave RIGHT NOW to get to PRT to pick up morgan for an orthodontics appt…I cannot get off schedule already, I’m only on step 1 of the day! Love you guys…we got this!!