Grandmothers Tea

Ok so I’m skipping around a little bit here and going back to December 28, 2016.  Each year the girls in our family host a Grandmother’s Tea.  Many years ago I remember sitting in the lobby of the elementary school my mom worked, glancing at a magazine while chasing a toddler who couldn’t be trusted inside the gym where Jake was playing a BB game. Inside that magazine was a very short article about a family that had a tradition of gathering the special grandmother’s in their life and enjoying an afternoon together.  I tore that page out of the magazine and never looked back.  We just celebrated our 7th annual Grandmother’s Tea!  We spend time together trying different teas (lemonade for the girls), eating fun little appetizers, and creating a craft together.  Most importantly, my girls are learning how valuable it is to be strong young ladies and appreciating the fabulous women that surround them in their lives.  Girls, I hope you always carry on this tradition!  You are so loved!


This year it was my sister’s turn to host our tea party…beautiful job Shauna!

Each year I try to put together a gift of a collage card of pictures from the previous year and my girls keep them in their memory boxes.  Generally, I’m down to the wire trying to get this done, so I may have missed a few years!  Mine is currently sitting right here at my desk and it makes me smile.


And this year, we colored for our craft activity.  We quickly discovered that my Grammy is quite gifted at this activity…no one knew she was a closet color-er!

12.28.17 7th Annual Gma's Tea (1).JPG

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