Holiday Giving

It’s December 15th, which means it’s absolute madness for all humans.  I’m not even going to try to document everything that has been going on because I’m actually just functioning minute to minute right now.  But there are a few things I just can’t get out of my mind.  Like Morgan spending her Saturday face painting for Faces of Hope.12.9.17 Mo_Faces of Hope (2)This organization is made up of volunteers that go out into the community and paint children’s faces to raise money for a variety of charitable causes.  This is Morgan’s third time doing this and whenever she is asked to participate, she jumps at the chance.  If you want to read more about Faces of Hope, check out this short article.  It’s a wonderful story…

The next day, our family made a shopping trip to buy Christmas gifts for a family that would otherwise have nothing under a Christmas tree.  It’s the most worthwhile $350 we will spend all year.  Guaranteed.  12.10.17 We Adopted a Family (2)We are thrilled to report that we found everything they wished for and can’t wait to get these gifts delivered!  Even though we won’t get to meet them personally, we know they will be so thankful come Christmas morning.12.10.17 We Adopted a Family (3)When we got home, Morgan went in the basement and got all the wrapping done completely unassisted and without being asked.12.10.17 We Adopted a Family (1)Then she graciously helped me put these treats together for Drew’s 4th grade holiday party.  You do know that all kids like Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, right!?  I can’t figure out the appeal, but I really hope his classmates like the way we decorated them.

12.10.17 Drew's School treats_Reindeer cosmic brownies (1)
Don’t feel too bad for her…you can see she was also catching up on Netflix at the the same time 🙂

12.10.17 Drew's School treats_Reindeer cosmic brownies (2)I’m going to cry when they tear apart those reindeer!

Morgan would no doubt be the best employee in the North Pole.  In fact, she should be the CEO!  She would run that show with her eyes closed.  In fact, she has single-handedly saved my butt this year by helping me with all things holiday.  160 Christmas cards wouldn’t be in everyone’s mailboxes without her stuffing, licking, and stamping and she has wrapped 90% of the gifts.  Man, this is really making me sound like a loser isn’t it!?

I did help Reece’s Brownies troop make these cute Christmas tree ornaments at their holiday party!  They exchanged fun socks and also collected socks to donate to charity.  Way to go girls!12.9.17 Reece Brownies Holiday Sock Party (1)

12.9.17 Reece Brownies Holiday Sock Party (3)
Reece’s 2nd Grade Brownie Troop – Holiday Party

And look at big bad soccer player, Jake, being a trooper and helping me do my annual bath & body works candle shopping!  Once a year I buy 15 candles at the big sale and it’s hard to manage alone.  Can you imagine the embarrassment of picking out candles with your mom?  He really got the raw end of that deal when I said, would you mind running a quick errand with me!?12.2.17 Jake candle shopping!.JPGThis morning, Reece and Drew excitedly participated in the school spirit day wearing holiday clothing.  The cutest reindeer around!  I’m hoping those hats warm up their brains for the multiple tests they had to take today.  yikes!  If Drew doesn’t get an A on that science test, I’m going to lose my mind.  I’m certain I would get a 100% – I’ve read that study guide a million times! 12.15.17 R&D Holiday Spirit Day.JPGAnd a special shout out to Drew, who has been released from his speech classes he’s been going to over the last year.  Woo Hoo!!  He’s so happy he will no longer be pulled out of class to work on the “R” sound.  Yay!!12.8.17 No more speech for drew!So as I wrap this up and feel good about teaching my kids about giving back to the community, I can’t help but throw in this ‘funny’ that our soccer coach friend sent us….IMG_9895.JPGI just need to add competitive gymnastics and baseball to this list and hope that this will sink in to their heads over the next 10 days.


Happy Holidays!




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