2nd Annual Bulldogs Moms Coach Night

6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (35)I’m embarrassed to report that we lost again this year!  Despite a big lead early on, somehow we managed to come home with a loss.  Sorry boys!!  Maybe it’s because the Mom’s were drinking margaritas….oh wait no we weren’t because Tim forgot to bring them!  Tim, you’re fired!6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (19).JPGOr maybe it’s because we let the boys goof around and have fun.  That’s the point, right!?6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (6)6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (27)The truth is, Jamie is really hungry for a moms night win – and even assuming the coveted position on the bucket did not help us.  C’mon boys, help us out here!  This opponent just received their first win of the season because of us!  That’s just down right embarrassing!  But look how cute she is on that bucket!

We do try to holler out the right commands, have meetings when needed, and get the siblings to cheer them on…

Despite the fact that we can’t seem to manage a win, there’s still a little bit of good baseball going on and what 12 year old team gets a mom tunnel anymore!?

6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (4).JPG

6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (5)
Jake is totally embarrassed;)


Even though 12 year olds can be sassy at times, I guess moms can be too and we definitely know that baseball coaches are!  We are lucky to be a part of making memories together with our boys…we love you Bulldogs!6.6.18 Bulldogs Moms Coach Night (34)And a special thank you to Morgan & Aunt Jenn, who helped me get these shirts ready for our big debut!  One day after getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed, this sweet girl was still very swollen (and also bored enough that having this to do actually made her happy!)

I’ve named her the team manager with her own shirt because she gets all the odd baseball jobs thrown her way!  Like making labels for the position board & helmet organizer, and setting up a t-shirt shop in our kitchen 😉

If you would like to see the rest of the Moms Night pics, you can go to this Shutterfly link:


Go KC Bulldogs!

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