Morgan 9th Grade GUMY

Translation for GUMY is Grace United Methodist Youth.  We really try to make it a point to get the kids involved at church.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!  We’re pretty sure GUMY doesn’t realize that Jake exists.  He pops in from time to time and probably has to re-introduce himself because it’s been so long since anyone has seen his face.  Even when we sign him up for things, we have to cancel because he ALWAYS has a game of some sort.  Luckily we don’t have to work real hard with Morgan because she is totally self-motivated on this topic.  This school year she has been able to attend Wednesday night meetings (all past years she had a conflict with soccer).  She is loving her 9th grade life group!  Here they are last night enjoying dinner and just talking.  No wonder she loves it!11.29.17 Morgan Life Group DinnerShe gets involved as much as she possibly can, including two mission trips, teaching VBS, serving community dinner and raking leaves for those in need.  And recently they asked her to serve communion in the non-traditional service.11.11.17 Morgan serving communion (2)11.11.17 Morgan serving communion (3)I know I know…our pictures are not so good but we just felt weird taking pictures in church.  Plus she was super nervous and we didn’t want to embarrass her.  I think we did anyway by just being there!  We moved seats 3 times to make sure we were seated in the right section!  Whew…she didn’t drop the cup, she remembered what to say, and she was GREAT!  They must have been pleased, because they invited her to serve whenever she wants!

Honestly, the church staff is always wonderful to her and she gets heartfelt notes like this in the mail from time to time.11.29.17 MoMo GUMY note.jpgI couldn’t agree more with their words!  Thank you Morgan for being so kind without us even asking you.  You have grown into the most extraordinary young lady.  I honestly don’t know how you find the time, but I hope you keep serving others, it makes you amazing!  We’ll keep working on Jake…

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