Team Santa

As of this afternoon, we are officially on Thanksgiving break!  Woo hoo!  Somehow we got lucky with practices being cancelled tonight so we decided to make a trip to Bass Pro Shop to talk with Santa and mail our lists. 11.21.17 Visiting Santa!.jpgThese fools managed to forget to tell Santa what they wanted!  Not one of them even uttered a word to him!  Thank goodness we mailed those lists to the North Pole or it’s going to be one sad Christmas morning.  Hope they get there!  In their defense, Santa never really asked them what they wanted.  He must have been one of Santa’s 2nd string helpers. 😉

Check out these masterpieces…Reece Santa Letter 2017.JPG

Drew Santa Letter 2017

Jake Santa Letter 2017.JPG

Morgan Santa Letter 2017.JPG

Santa has his work cut out for him on these lists!

The line was fairly long, so the girls waited in the line and we let the boys go play for a bit.  We didn’t expect them to roam the entire store!  We ended up having many  families jump ahead of us because we couldn’t find them!  This trip to see Santa was going downhill fast!

We made these adorable little felt snowflake bags!

The boys much preferred playing in the kinetic sand that looked like dirt.  Arts and crafts are not their favorite but they participated to make mom happy 🙂

I’m totally obsessed with this sweatshirt I bought for Reece.  One of my best Target finds ever!!

Before we made it out the door, Jake spent his gift cards he received for his birthday.  Wouldn’t you know it…he bought another fishing bag!  He’s already gotten every pocket filled and organized  We think he’s going to look pretty cool riding his bike down to the lake with that on his back.IMG_9801.jpg

It’s a tradition for us to grab dinner and decorate our downstairs ‘kids’ tree after visiting Santa.  Nice job guys!20171121_221354.jpgIt’s become so overloaded with ornaments it could literally tip if you sneeze near it.  You move one ornament, and five more fall off.  I’m pretty sure when I wake up tomorrow morning the entire thing will be crashed to the ground.IMG_9797IMG_9798P.S. I didn’t even tell them to do ‘silly faces.’  This is just the way they are!!  Goofballs.

Happy Christmas Season!

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