Reece-KGDC Gymnastics Banquet

Reece is front row third from right

Being new to competitive gymnastics, I didn’t realize there was an end-of-season banquet.  But I’ve come to realize that team sports have a lot of banquets so I better get used to it!  The end of the gymnastics meet season means a sigh of relief for me.  I’m going to take a break from going all over the place to these meets and constantly having a nervous stomach ache.

As we walked into the banquet room, we didn’t really know anyone so I figured she would not leave my side.  Well, to my surprise, she dropped me quickly as soon as her Level 3 gymnast friends arrived.  Right then and there I could see that she is really growing up and maturing.  It was bittersweet.5.8.18 Reece KGDC Banquet_Level3 (4).jpgThey recognize each and every gymnast,  Level 3 through Level 9, at KGDC with their accomplishments and personality traits, received gifts, signed yearbooks, took pictures, and ate a meal.  2 1/2 hours later, we were finally walking to our car.  Yikes, that’s a long banquet!!

Reece-far bottom right

For some reason I decided to not video what Miss Tracy had to say about Reece because I guess I was in a trance of some sort!  I’m totally kicking myself for that ‘mom fail’!  Let’s just say that Tracy had some wonderful things to say about Reece as she often does.  She is one of the hardest workers in the gym and she is always on task and following directions.  This is AWESOME!  Now, could we get a little of that at home, please!? 😉  She’s the same way at school and her teacher cannot gush anymore over her.

autographs from coach Tracy and Makayla (her twister sister)

5.8.18 Reece KGDC Banquet_Level3 (3).jpgHer twister sister, Makayla Todd, is a very successful Level 8 gymnast and has spoiled her with awesome notes, gifts, and treats throughout the season.  Their personalities are so similar and Reece really looks up to her.  Aren’t they cute!?5.8.18 Reece KGDC Banquet_Level3 (5).jpgJob well done Reecie, you have amazed us with your perseverance and dedication to gymnastics.  You are going to do great things!!

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