Reece is 8!

IMG_2210.jpgI can’t tell you how happy I am to see this sweet 8 year old perky and smiling right now!! For the last 2 days, she has not been feeling well and sleeping non-stop.  No one should be sick on their birthday!!  She has been so excited for this day and you know she’s sick when she didn’t even want to go to gymnastics or soccer!  That’s when you bust out the thermometer, STAT!

This morning she was up early getting her hair braided and anxiously awaiting Aunt Jenn’s arrival with birthday donuts.  As promised, she got some beautiful unicorn sprinkle and rainbow donuts.  Complete with edible glitter…almost too pretty to eat!

Morgan and Jake decided to forgo their school bus ride to snag some donuts too!IMG_2212

She even had time to open a few gifts from her cousin’s and neighbor friends!  I can pretty much guarantee she will be asking to go spend her Target gift card tonight.  No time to waste!

In addition to it being Reece’s birthday, it also happens to be ‘Fit-N-Fun’ day at school so they do all kinds of fun activities and games outside (some involve the use of water).  So this means those nice shiny white Converse are now a solid shade of muddy brown.  Holy cow, I’ve got a lot of work to do to get those clean again!IMG_2229She asked for Wendy’s chicken nuggets and a frosty for lunch.  I’m surprised she didn’t request going to the Bristol.  We took her there once and now she’s hooked!  That was a big mistake!!

She’s sharing rice krispie treats with her 2nd grade class today, cookies for gymnastics class today and soccer treats tomorrow.  Here’s a video of her 2nd grade class singing to her today…

This girl is living it up!  I’m all for it…that’s most definitely what you are supposed to do on your birthday.  Reecie pie, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate your special day with you.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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