Reece Level 3 Inter Squad

11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (9).JPG
KGDC Level 3 Gymnasts

This weekend Reece participated in the KGDC Compulsory Inter Squad.  I really have no idea what that even means…I just paid my money and showed up at her gym.  Apparently it is a chance for everyone to get a sneak peek at the girls in “live” competition before the meet season starts.  I was impressed with these little girls!  The level 3 gymnasts spend 7.5 hours in the gym each week learning the skills necessary to  perform these routines.

Our little Reece has some sort of sports practice every night of the week and she handles it like a champ.  Gymnastics seems to be her favorite at the moment.  She got to carry her new backpack for the first time and we made her a bag tag so she was thrilled!11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (7)She even filled out her ‘meet checklist’.  I love that she made a note to herself!11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (8).JPG

11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (12).JPGHer first event was balance beam which scares the heck out of me.  I thought she did great!  She scored an 8.2.  Here is her performance:

2nd Event was Floor.  She received an 8.8 What a cutie pie!

11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (1)11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (2)11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (3)11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (4)11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (5)11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (6)

And the video clip…

She got 2nd place in vault with a 9.3.

The final event was uneven bars, which is the hardest and usually her strongest/favorite event.  Except not her favorite today!  She got a 6.9.  She would like to have a do-over on that one!

When the meet was over and all the athletes and families were hanging around talking and congratulating, Reece was suited up and bee-lining to the door.  Once we were safely in the car, she started sobbing like I’ve never seen in my life.  This very driven little second grader was so disappointed that she messed up her bars routine.  I tried my very best to snap her out of it with ice cream and some extra hugs but it took awhile!  She finally got better but later in the day she played the videos for Brian and it brought back too many memories and the water works started up again.  Poor baby!!

She decided spending a little time at her friend, Capri’s, house would cheer her up.  So what did she do…she practiced on the bar in Capri’s basement!  This girl is NOT giving up!

I don’t know how she has any energy left at this point but I’ll take the laughter and the smiles over that sobbing any day!

This is just the start, Reecie Cups, you are bound and determined to be the best and we are so proud of you no matter what place you take!  You are working so hard and we can see you improving every day!  You go girl!11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad (2).PNG11.18.17 Reece KGDC Level 3 Intersquad.jpgOverall, she took 9th place out of 16.  That’s a job very well done!!

In one month, you’ll be competing in your first official level 3 meet!  It will be here before we know it!

My favorite thing that happened this weekend was Reece putting this sticky note on my back…I will be keeping this FOREVER!  Reece, you are totally my BFF!!

XOXO, Mommy11.19.17 Note to mommy from reece.JPG

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